NICK RUSSIAN ‘King of the Clubs’ celebrates his birthday at BAR BAMBI with his wife Rozalia, Sooshi Mango comedians Joe, Carlo & Andrew, and Marc & Jessie Murphy.

Last Friday night, the atmosphere at Bar Bambi was electric as the King of the Clubs Nick Russian celebrated his 44th birthday in style. The New York, Italian-inspired bar was the perfect setting for this glamorous affair with its chic decor and sophisticated ambience that had crooner Bobby Fox belting out some Michael Bublé tunes. 

Nick Russian, a prominent figure in the nightlife scene, was surrounded by his closest friends and family, including his stunning wife Rozalia Russian. The couple looked radiant as they celebrated Nick’s special day together, with a cake fit for a King created by celebrity favourite cake maker ‘NIKOS’.

The Sooshi Mango comedians Joe, Carlo & Andrew, along with Marc & Jessie Murphy helped Nick celebrate the special occasion.

As the night progressed, the partygoers enjoyed delicious cocktails and mouth-watering Italian-inspired dishes, all while dancing to the beats of the bar’s resident DJ. The energy in the room was infectious, and it was clear that everyone was having an amazing time.

Nick Russian, who is known for his love of all things glamorous and extravagant, spared no expense in making sure that his birthday bash was a night to remember. From the stunning decor to the top-notch entertainment, everything was perfect.

Written by Melinda Sullivan

Photography by Sam Tabone