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Carla Wordsworth founder of GIN YOUR WAY! Now everyone can make GIN at home with Carla’s easy DIY Gin Kit.

Gin has become the drink of choice with many loving the fact that there are so many options. Gin distillers are blending the most exceptional botanicals such as Juniper, Coriander, Cardamon, Angelica, Lemon, Orange, and Liquorice.

The Botanical Juniper is a primary botanical and is always required to make Gin. Other Botanicals can be added to create more modern flavours which is why Gin has become so popular.

We sit down with the founder of GIN YOUR WAY – Carla Wordsworth to find out more about her new product and how we can have fun making GIN YOUR WAY at home!

Please tell us a little of yourself and where your love of GIN began?

I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula which is where I have been based for the last 8 years following a move from Elwood. We love where we live and so do our kids, who are now 8 & 6 years old.

I love exploring the local wineries, restaurants, and attractions that Melbourne has to offer and enjoy a sneaky drink every now and then…. mainly bubbles and of course GIN!

BUT…. I haven’t always loved gin! I never used to enjoy the taste. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago when I decided to retry it, and from then, I was hooked. It’s funny how your taste buds change as you get older! Just a basic G&T is now my favourite with a garnish of frozen blueberries.

 Where did the idea to make GIN at home come from?

It was a COVID lockdown project! I had heard along the grapevine that you could make gin at home, so I started to do some research. I ordered a heap of different ingredients online (stage 4 lockdown meant no retail shops were open then!) and started experimenting. Once I knew how easy and fun it was to make at home, I came up with the idea of putting together these ‘Make-Your-Own’ gin kits so others could do the same without having to buy excess ingredients and doing extensive research – it all comes in the pack!

Where is your spirit fermented and distilled?

The gin you make at home does not need to be redistilled. You make a compound gin, which is adding the botanicals to a neutral (already distilled) spirit i.e., vodka, and let them infuse. The main difference with it not being redistilled is that it won’t be completely clear – it ends up being more like a tea colour. Once you filter out the botanicals, you are left with the colour of the infused botanicals.

How easy it for us to make our own GIN at home?

It is super easy! The great thing about this kit is that anyone can make their own gin at home and experiment with all the different botanicals to create one to their exact taste. It only takes approximately 30 minutes to decide, crush and add your botanicals to the bottle supplied. Then all you need to do is let it infuse for 1-2 days, filter it out and it’s ready to drink! The kit comes with simple instructions and a few different recipe ideas.

What makes your product unique and enjoyable?

You can experiment as much as you like to create a gin that you love…. it’s easy, fun, a great gift idea and there aren’t many products out there like this…and of course, who doesn’t love GIN!

What is your favourite botanical if you had to choose one?

I love adding the botanical, pink peppercorn to my gin creation. It has a mildly spicy yet fruity flavour that complements the juniper berry and other sweeter botanicals. Yum!

Why is it GIN has become so popular?

I think gin is so much more accessible these days than it used to be, with many more distilleries that have popped up and a lot more competition. There are so many different varieties and flavours around now that you could almost find a gin to suit any palate. It is such a versatile spirit as well – negroni or dirty martini anyone?!

What’s next for GIN your Way?

We hope to work with a distillery to assist us in providing the neutral spirit to sell with the pack. At the moment, the DIY gin pack comes with everything you need except the neutral spirit i.e., flavourless vodka, which you just need to purchase separately. We hope to include this in the near future!

To find out more and to purchase please visit

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