Swimply and RALLY4EVER celebrate the launch of their partnership that supports Mental Health. Todays tennis clinic at a private home in Toorak brought together tennis enthusiasts of all levels, including Pat Cash, Sarah Stone, Ben Cousins, and Redfoo.

Swimply, the popular online platform that allows people to rent private swimming pools, has recently announced an exciting partnership with RALLY4EVER, a non-profit organisation founded by tennis pro and Grand Slam commentator Louise Pleming. This partnership aims to improve the mental and physical well-being of the community through the sport of tennis, while also fostering meaningful and social connections.

To celebrate the launch of this partnership, Swimply and RALLY4EVER organised a fantastic tennis clinic, bringing together tennis enthusiasts of all levels. The event featured some prominent names in both the tennis and entertainment worlds, including Pat Cash, Sarah Stone, Ben Cousins, and Redfoo.

The tennis clinic, held at a stunning location at a private court in Toorak, provided an excellent opportunity for participants to learn from the best in the business. Pat Cash, a former Wimbledon champion, shared his expertise and provided valuable tips to improve participants’ tennis skills. Sarah Stone, an accomplished tennis coach, guided participants through various drills and exercises, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved.

The event also included appearances from Ben Cousins, an Australian rules football legend, and Redfoo, a renowned musician and tennis enthusiast. Both Cousins and Redfoo joined in on the action, showcasing their passion for the sport and inspiring participants to stay active and pursue their athletic goals.

Today we spoke to Swimply’s Director Sam Mc Donagh, Sam says, “Swimply is a marketplace for people to swim, gather, and escape locally. At Swimply we believe every passion has a place and Swimply is providing the community with access to swimming pools and tennis courts that are convenient and affordable. Together with that comes the work RALLY4EVER is doing, which is to provide mental health and general physical wellness by doing that on a tennis court. This outdoor activity creates social connections, which is at the core of what both organisations are trying to achieve.

The relationship between Swimply and RALLY4EVER is a natural one and we want more people out there playing tennis and swimming in pools. We are excited to be achieving this together.”

Beyond the joy of playing tennis, this partnership between Swimply and RALLY4EVER has a more profound purpose. By promoting tennis as a means of improving mental and physical well-being, the organizations hope to make a positive impact on the community. Swimply now has 1000 hosts across Australia hosting courts and swimming pools. Every time a pool or court is rented a social connection is made and we know physical activity is a great thing. 

The tennis clinic organised by Swimply and RALLY4EVER was just the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful partnership. Both organisations are actively working together to develop further initiatives that will continue to promote the benefits of tennis, while also nurturing social connections within the community.

As the world gradually recovers from the challenges of the past years, initiatives like this partnership between Swimply and RALLY4EVER are a reminder of the power of sport to uplift and unite. By leveraging their platforms and resources, these organisations are not only bringing people together but also inspiring individuals to prioritise their mental and physical well-being.

By Melinda Sullivan.

For more information visit https://swimply.au and https://rally4ever.org