Eric Bana and his wife Rebecca Gleeson lead the arrivals at Rivoli Cinemas for Robert Connolly’s World Premiere Film, “Force of Nature: The Dry 2”

Excitement filled the air as the highly anticipated world premiere of Robert Connolly’s latest film, “Force of Nature: The Dry 2,” took place at Village Rivoli Cinemas last night thanks to Roadshow. Leading the arrivals was the talented and charismatic Eric Bana, who captivated the audience with his presence on the red carpet with his wife Rebecca Gleeson. The star-studded cast included Anna Torv, Lucy Ansell, Tony Briggs, Ash Ricardo, Matilda Pawsey, and Archie Thomson, who all added their unique charm to the film.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of regional Victoria, “Force of Nature: The Dry 2” follows the gripping story of federal agents Aron Falk and Carmen Cooper. Tasked with investigating the sudden disappearance of corporate whistle-blower Alice during a company hiking retreat, Falk and Cooper embark on a perilous journey deep into the Giralang Ranges.

The film promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats with its thrilling storyline and stunning cinematography. With Robert Connolly at the helm, known for his talent in bringing thought-provoking narratives to life, “Force of Nature: The Dry 2” is sure to deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Eric Bana, known for his versatility as an actor, brings his A-game to the role of Aron Falk. His portrayal of the determined federal agent adds depth and intensity to the character, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating each twist and turn in the plot. Alongside Bana, the talented cast, including Anna Torv, Lucy Ansell, Tony Briggs, Ash Ricardo, Matilda Pawsey, and Archie Thomson, showcase their acting prowess, creating a dynamic ensemble that elevates the film to new heights.

Lucy Ansell who plays the character Bree talks to us about the challenges she faced playing Bree. 

Lucy says, “I was super lucky to play Bree she’s a super ambitious young woman and she very much knows what she wants and that’s something I personally struggle with and would like to personally have a little bit more of. The challenge for me personally is she has such a big role in the film, and they are all up against the elements in many ways, but she really does get stuck between a rock and a hard place and must make some questionable decisions. Her character is so endearing it was challenging to see her make some choices that were a little bit tougher, but it was super fun, and it was so incredible to work with an amazing cast.

We asked Lucy if Eric gave her any advice during the filming? Lucy says, “Eric is so cool and collective I was hoping he would give some pearls of wisdom in the acting world but he’s actually just so supportive and passionate about the craft that he trusts every single person to do their job and they do with the passion to rise to Eric’s talents. 

Filming in regional Victoria allowed the production to take full advantage of the area’s natural beauty. The Giralang Ranges provide a breathtaking and mystifying setting, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative. Connolly’s ability to capture the essence of the location on screen immerses the audience in the story, making them feel as if they are right there with Falk and Cooper as they search for answers.

Eric Bana says, “it was amazing filming in Regional Victoria there were so many days when you would pinch yourself that you were amongst this landscape and location, we worked really hard to get into remote areas. The crew and Parks Victoria were incredible we really are indebted to them, we know not every film can get this type of access, so we really thank all the authorities involved.”

“Force of Nature: The Dry 2” tackles themes of corporate deceit, personal accountability, and the lengths one will go to protect their secrets. Balancing heart-pounding action with thought-provoking social commentary, the film explores the complexities of human nature and the consequences of our actions.

As the world premiere unfolded, the excitement and buzz surrounding the film were palpable. Audience members were left in awe of the performances, the gripping storyline, and the stunning visuals. “Force of Nature: The Dry 2” promises to be a must-watch for both fans of the original film and newcomers alike.

With Erica Bana leading the arrivals and an ensemble cast that brings their A-game, Robert Connolly’s latest film is set to captivate audiences around the world. “Force of Nature: The Dry 2” is a thrilling cinematic experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

By Melinda Sullivan.

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