Tennis Champion Stan Wawrinka and Australia’s Tennis Star Ajla Tomljanovic welcome back Champagne house Piper Heidsieck to the Australian Open for its 6th consecutive year.

The Australian Open 2024 will once again welcome back Champagne house Piper Heidsieck for its 6th consecutive year. This morning the opulent Champagne House unveiled its iconic Champagne Lounge at the prestigious tennis tournament. This year, the brand went a step further and introduced “Le Kiosque,” a new addition to their luxurious offerings. To mark the occasion, Grand Slam Champion Stan Wawrinka and rising tennis star Ajla Tomljanovic joined forces with friend of the brand, Lauren Phillips, to celebrate in style.

Today as we welcomed Stan Wawrinka back to the AusOpen we are reminded that’s it’s been a decade since he won his first major here in 2014.

I asked him how he’s feeling, and given it’s been 10 years since his Australian Open Title, would age impact the outcome this time? 

Stan said, “Time doesn’t make me younger (with a laugh), and ten years ago, was a long time ago, winning your first event is always something special. The Grand Slam’s are what you watch growing up, it is what you dream of! Winning one here in front of my friend was really special. I’m still so happy to be playing, with a chance to win the Australian Open.

Tennis and Champagne have always enjoyed a special relationship, and Piper Heidsieck, as the official Champagne partner of the Australian Open, has taken this connection to a whole new level. The Champagne Lounge has become a legendary spot for tennis enthusiasts and celebrities alike to enjoy a glass of bubbly while watching the exhilarating matches unfold.

Adding to the allure, Piper Heidsieck introduced “Le Kiosque” – a chic concept that showcased the brand’s commitment to innovation. This pop-up Champagne bar, located within Garden Square, offers an immersive experience for tennis fans. With its sleek design exclusive selection of Piper Heidsieck Champagnes, “Le Kiosque” will become an instant hit among the event’s attendees.

Benoit Collard, Chief Executive Officer of Piper-Heidsieck said, “we are committed to reinvent ourselves at the Australian Open each year, today as we launch “Le Kiosque” this unique concept with a Parisian style experience in terms of seating, we offer the opportunity for more people of the AO to enjoy a glass of Piper Heidsieck during their visit.

The presence of renowned tennis champion Stan Wawrinka and Ajla Tomljanovic at the unveiling ceremony added an extra layer of excitement. As brand ambassadors for Piper Heidsieck, they epitomise the spirit of excellence, perseverance, and style that the brand embodies. Their presence further solidified Piper Heidsieck’s long-standing association with the world of tennis.

Joining them in the festivities was Lauren Phillips, a dear friend of the brand. Known for her vibrant personality and love for all things glamorous, Phillips’s presence added a touch of Australian charm to the event. Together, they raised their glasses to toast the start of the Australian Open and the partnership between Piper Heidsieck and the world of tennis.

By Melinda Sullivan.