Andre Agassi the legendary eight – time Grand Slam champion stops to greet fans as he arrives at the Australian Open as the Ambassador for Uber One thanks to their partnership with KIA.

Andre Agassi, the legendary eight-time grand slam tennis champion, made a grand entrance on the opening day of the Australian Open. And what better way to arrive than in style, with Uber One, thanks to their partnership with Kia. It was a momentous occasion, as it marked 21 years since Andre’s last Australian Open win, a cherished memory for both him and his fans.

Andre says, “he skipped about 9 or 10 Australian Opens which is very regretful for me as it turned out being my most enjoyable slam.” He says, “fans could have penalised me for not coming back over the 9 or 10 years but instead they actually embraced me, supported me, and pulled me to victory. That I’ll never forget.”

Andre goes on to say, “I love watching how the games evolved. I follow it a great deal more now than I even used too, before it was very clinical.”

The Australian Open is always an exciting event, yesterday, the Uber One and Kia celebrations were taken up a notch with the presence of some of our favourite Australian’s. Joining Andre in the Uber One celebrations with Kia were Dylan Alcott, Demi Brereton, Andy Allen, and Georgie Tunny, Waleed Aly, and Pallavi Sharda, to name a few. 

Sitting next to Andre was Australia’s sporting legend Dylan Alcott. Dylan says, “The Australian Open changed my life, I’m so grateful for the support I had from Kia, Tennis Australia and most importantly the fans. Andre and I are lucky that people got behind us. Every time I get to come back to Melbourne Park and say hello is incredible and hey if you need a free beer come to Kia, I’ll be here (laughing).”

As Andre stepped out of the luxurious Uber One vehicle, fans followed him into the precinct. Thrilled to see their tennis idol once again, it was a moment that will forever be etched in their memories. Andre, known for his charisma and talent, gracefully acknowledged the crowd’s warm welcome, showing his appreciation for their unwavering support throughout his career as he stopped for fans who wanted a quick selfie on his way in to celebrate with Uber One and Kia.

By Melinda Sullivan

Photography Sam Tabone

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