Bigger Dreams Foundation presents HEART4ARTS™ uniting our young creatives while raising funds and awareness to support our disadvantaged youth.

#HEART4ARTS Event – Bigger Dreams Foundation

Celebrating homegrown artistic performance, the Bigger Dreams Foundation presented HEART4ARTS™ recently in Melbourne, at the ‘Greek Oasis’ The Golden Fleece Hotel. Sponsored by Burn City Spiced Rum. In Collaboration with Westside Apparel​.

The Bigger Dreams Foundation was founded by model, DJ, and entrepreneur Todd Allison Fehres (Fehrez), his vision of HEART4ARTS was an event uniting young people from various artistic crafts to raise awareness and funds providing relief to disadvantaged youth in the creative community.

Todd Allison has been a friend of mine for many years and even though much younger than me, he always puts the needs of others ahead of his own and goes above and beyond to support those around him. Todd who released his single on Spotify ‘Need Somebody’ under his nickname Fehrez, once again found a way to unite the younger generation with music for the greater good. As we know music can help with healing and allow our adolescents to release built-up emotions, help those who face substance abuse or poverty and give hope when dealing with the difficulties of everyday life.

Omar Batal, the founder of hype streetwear clothing brand Westside apparel, worked with Fehrez to bring the vision to life and design and produce a limited run of Westside merchandise worn by influencers at the event and sold with all proceeds going to charity.

Supporting underprivileged youth is paramount at the Bigger Dreams Foundation which is committed to helping social development and making a better life for our most vulnerable.

The event included well-known influencers, models, artists, and celebrities including MAF’s star Anthony Cincotta and Model/Influencers Morgan Waterhouse and Harvey Petitio.

Bigger Dreams Foundation have partnered with Rekon Youth as their event beneficiary, 100% of funds raised go directly towards supporting underprivileged kids. The Bigger Dreams Foundation aims to assist these young people in making their creative dreams come true.

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By Melinda Sullivan