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Bueno Shoes designed in Australia offer the ultimate in trans-seasonal styles & wonderfully soft easy to wear footwear for Autumn Winter 2021.

Bueno Shoes are uniquely designed in Australia and styled in Turkey offering the ultimate in wonderfully soft and easy-to-wear footwear.

Bueno Shoes are taking trans-seasonal styles to another level with beautiful flats, boots, and sneakers for Autumn/Winter 2021, that offer flexible sole units with colours that are easily matchable to everyday wardrobe looks.

A good quality pair of leather shoes will elevate your outfit, with comfort and cushioning taking you that extra mile while on the go.

The collection is competitively priced with pieces ranging from $100-$260 – great value for money, for a handcrafted product made from mostly natural materials. 

Interview with Bueno Shoes General Manager, Anthony Mevissen

Please tell me about the collection for Autumn / Winter and who it’s been designed for?

The Bueno AW collection was designed for the modern discerning woman not wanting to compensate style for comfort.

The collection is purely made in Turkey and designed in Melbourne. We have focused on a utilitarian theme ensuring the range is focused on ease of entry and ease of wear. By using elastic gussets, adjustable laces, and low line toplines, the sentiment has been on the user and how the range supports them in their daily endeavours.    

How does Bueno design a shoe that is on trend but is also comfortable?

Our designers translate world trends and look at the best constructions we have that will suit new patterns. We then modify patterns to fit the construction and request prototype samples to be made.

Prototypes are always made to the shape and patterns we have on record that we know are a comfortable fit and our consumers will love. Once we receive prototypes we fit test and make alterations making sure we allow extra fitting for our cushioned footbeds.

The styles go through at least three different fit checks and alterations before they are approved for production What are the current season trends for AW 2021?

Bueno focuses on styles that customers can wear season after season, across multiple occasions. For AW21 ankle boots are continuing to trend in a range of styles and heel heights.

As we head into the cooler months and wet weather season, Bueno creates styles offering thicken outsoles for extra protection and comfort. Other key trends include square toes, statement sneakers, and earthy colour tones with highlights of coral and mustard.

Where is the footwear designed and manufactured?

All styles are designed in Melbourne and we work with our European footwear artisans in Turkey to have them produced with our Turkish factory partners.   

Why is it important to wear leather footwear?

Technology has yet to create a substitute material that reacts as well as leather to the range of conditions, not only is it breathable and malleable but it has memory and can be coloured and textured easily to craft unique styles.

Interview by Melinda Sullivan

Words by Bueno Shoes General Manager, Anthony Mevissen

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