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Cafe Lafayette awakens the City of Melbourne, serving dishes like Matcha Toasted Brioche with mascarpone cheese, fresh strawberries, and maple syrup!

Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp is not the only person who was reinvigorated by the energy returning to Melbourne’s CBD last week.

Café owners and entrepreneurs of Café Lafayette, Solar Liang and Monique Wu are delighted to be reopening and rousing their sleeping beauty, Café Lafayette.

Happily, open and trading again, the café launched for a brief time in February 2020 and quickly became a local favourite among CBD workers and students, before closing because of COVID-19.

“We are delighted to be open after spending so long in hibernation. Café Lafayette is one of the lucky ones to have made it through in the CBD and we are just so happy to be welcoming guests and patrons again!” – Solar Liang

Still serving eccentric brunch experiences that taste as good as they look, the Café Lafayette menu has gone through some minor adjustments but will continue sending out their signature Japanese inspired, Australian brunch experience.

Situated at 30 Niagara Lane in Melbourne’s CBD and designed by award winning architectural firm, Hassell, Café Lafayette seats 60 people and will be taking extra care and precaution with health and hygiene to ensure the safety of all staff and customers.

Cafe Lafayette awakens the City of Melbourne serving a delicious brunch.

Capturing the experimental and alluring energy of the interiors, the Cafe Lafayette menu treats its guest to playful theatrics and sensory immersion.

For those that want classic brunch dishes, there is a Matcha Toasted Brioche with mascarpone cheese, fresh strawberries, and maple syrup for extra sweetness. If you’re after something uber deliciously crunchy with a balanced mix of sweet and salty flavours there’s a fried chicken and black ink waffles calling your name!

But for those that want instant magic AND instant appetite gratification, their Japanese interpreted brunch dishes add a new flash of sophistication to Melbourne’s famous brunch scene.

For example, Marimo Onigiri, (smoked tuna, onigiri nori, and smoky mayo), Bird’s Nest (house-made okonomiyaki with tonkatsu sauce and fried julienne lee), or Japanese Pasta a fresh seafood concoction of scallops, baby octopus, and fish roe garnished with egg yolk, radish, and seaweed.

Drinks lists include the signature Grand Lafayette pretty as a picture, rainbow latte, the freaky shakes in Black Sesame, Berry Punch, Double Chocolate Brownie, and Matcha Matcha.

No funky brunch would be complete without sweet endings!

Follow on the path of gastronomic adventure with palate soothing signature Japanese raindrop cakes in Angel Kiss, Matcha Lover, Tokyo Express, and Tiffany Blue.


30 Niagara Lane, Melbourne 3000


Monday to Friday: 10am-3pm

Saturday & Sunday (Including public holidays): 10am – 4pm

** Please note Café Lafayette does not take bookings.

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