Melbourne My Style Exclusive – Khloe Kardashian wears NEW Melbourne start up Fashion Label, ‘ROBED’.

Madeline Mc Nab, founder and director of Melbourne’s newest fashion label ‘Robed’, has brought her passion to life during the COVID-19 lockdown, never imagining that just a few short months later it would be featured on one of the world’s most influential muses, being that of ‘Khloe Kardashian’!

Maddie, who studied International Business at Melbourne’s Swinburne University, took part in an International Student Exchange to the United States in 2018 where her desire to find the perfect Robe began. Maddie who is 24 years of age, was searching for the ultimate Robe on platforms such as Net-a-Porter and found the pricing to be extremely expensive ranging from $700 to a mere $3000, whilst also not being long enough nor being lightweight.

Maddie wanted a Robe that wasn’t exclusively for bedtime and that’s when the concept and passion to create her own designer Robe and label, ‘Robed’, began.

I asked Maddie how it came about having Khloe Kardashian wear her Robe on Instagram and making news around the world including the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom and she tells me, “I simply reached out via email, and her stylist contacted me saying Khloe loved the Robes and couldn’t decide on one, so I ended up sending all three. Since the Instagram posts have been shared my social views have increased by 4000%”!

Robed is designed to wear on vacation, by the pool, to a bar, at home, and as lingerie. Robed is universal and is for women of all shapes and sizes. The most unique aspect of the Robe is its drawstring that can be tightened for a thinner shape, creating interest with a beautiful gathering. Altering the Robes fit is made easy with the use of the drawstring, if another size is preferred, you can simply loosen or tie to the back.

Maddie with the help of her two sisters who have studied Fashion Design have taken an active approach making sure every step of the supply chain considers the welfare of people, animals, and the environment. Maddie says, “As a start-up, we have a small supply chain and work directly with our factory partner. We have a great transparent relationship with our factory & appreciate their exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Our factory partner is part of the Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative that practices strong social compliance standards that are monitored regularly. This ensures a safe and ethical work environment that respects human and labour rights & sustainable practices.

The material we source is 100% Organza Silk made local to the factory and is produced with ethical, sustainable & socially responsible procedures in place that are in line with our factories standards.

This considered approach to our business can ensure customers can make a conscious purchase at Robed, making sure you are investing in consciously crafted, high-quality robes made to last a lifetime! 

We at Robed are committed to having a sustainable future and are currently working towards implementing even more sustainable practices.”

Maddie says, “my grandpa told me customers will only buy a product if they believe the value they’re receiving is greater”!

Written by Melinda Sullivan

Images provided by Maddie Mc Nab

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