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Don’t Do Pretty – Do powerful, do smart, do extraordinary.

Designer and founder of Don’t Do Pretty, Eloise, tells me she designs for women who wish to join her and her loyal tribe in a fashionable protest against the current social expectations of having to be soft, delicate and pretty.

The Don’t Do Pretty consumer or “tribe member”, is a woman who has a focal point on the pursuit to achieving excellence. She is a confident and fierce woman who is her own hero. She is a woman who has strong ethics and makes powerful decisions and moves to evoke change.

Don’t Do Pretty, is a slow, ready to wear fashion label, with a focus on strong, sexy and powerful silhouettes, taking inspiration from late 1970’s and early 1980’s tenacious glamor and rock trends. Using a combination of different fibre compositions, the current Don’t Do Pretty range constructs a dynamic, dominant and slightly confronting form that represents the brands ethos and message authentically.

The use of a bold block colourway and statement metallic with the addition of an audacious geometric brocade throughout the range notably reflects the well conceptualised story created for the women who intend on evoking that sense of strength and fearlessness that Don’t Do Pretty encapsulate throughout their entire brand ideology.

An extremely versatile range that includes numerous garments that offer great adaptability to any woman’s wardrobe; Including a super cute and stylish jacket made from long hair faux fur, in a delicious burgundy with black highlights. It is a short feminine crop jacket with a ribbed inner sleeve.  A sleek, suave and sexy blazer is added to the collection in aqua and gold brocade with a sharp cut, including genuine leather collar and pockets.   Long legged and high waisted wide leg pants in cotton velvet. All that sass in one sexy pair of pants!  Slim line at the waist with sleek pockets in genuine leather.

If you have a business meeting coming your way where you need to impose your power or just a girl’s night out with your tribe check out Don’t Do Pretty before planning your outfit by visiting their them:


Instagram: dontdopretty

Facebook: Don’t Do Pretty

Todd Anthony

Fashion – Creative Director.

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