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‘Barnum’ the circus musical comes to Melbourne starring our greatest showman, the one and only Todd Mc Kenney

The circus is coming to Melbourne, so buy the ticket and take the ride to see “Barnum’ the circus musical starring one of our greatest stage performers of all time, the incredible Todd Mc Kenney, who plays the lead as Phineas Taylor Barnum the American legendary circus impresario who became the world’s greatest showman.

Todd Mc Kenney – Photography by Sam Tabone

Rachael Beck much loved Australian leading actress of the stage and screen, plays P.T Barnum’s devoted wife.

Rachael Beck

“Barnum is one of those roles in musical theatre that every actor dreams of playing and performing, this role has been on my bucket list since 1983 when I first started in musical theatre. It’s a dream come true for me to get the chance to play this iconic man in this legendary musical,” said Todd.

Rachael Beck and Todd Mc Kenney during rehearsals at Melbourne’s NICA

As we know life is constantly a balancing act and for Todd Mc Kenney he has managed the act of balancing in a whole new light as he embarks on learning the skills required to tread the circus highwire.

I had the pleasure of watching Todd during rehearsals master this new skill of his which he made look effortless, even though it requires complex motor control.

As we watch Todd rehearse he adds that when on stage there will be even more required, “I’ll be wearing a costume and three battery packs, so god knows what this will do to my weight distribution.”

Photo by Melinda Sullivan

Barnum, the circus musical is a colourful and dynamic spectacle with heart, where audiences shall witness the wonders of the world including Jumbo, the largest elephant, Joice Heth the oldest woman to ever live, a great white whale from Labrador, General Tom Thumb only twenty-five inches from toe to crown, and the rarest and most beautiful bird in captivity the Swedish Nightingale, Jenny Lind.

Rehearsals at Melbourne’s NICA

This captivating and mesmerising circus musical ‘Barnum’ is an event for all generations, full of great music, circus, magic and comedy.

Barnum is exclusively at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre from April 27 2019
Tickets on sale now
Barnum the circus musical in collaboration with the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)
Produced by Storyboard Entertainment

Photography Sam Tabone

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