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‘nibblit’ a global food discovery App that takes your dining experience to a whole new level!

‘nibblit’ launches on the App Store & Google Play Store
nibblit is a food discovery application that helps you find restaurants and cafés based on your personal preferences.

nibblit food discovery application was founded by Tess Shanahan and Blake Waldron and launched in Melbourne on February 27th 2019. Tess and Blake want to help change the world in whatever way they can.

Founders – Tess Shanahan and Blake Waldron
Photography – Sam Tabone

They have realised there is a real need for people with dietaries trying to find places they can REALLY eat at, across the globe. “If that means discovering a great smashed avo along the way, then everyone is happy “

The nibblit App is user-driven allowing us to connect with the best restaurants, cafes and bars based on your personal choice and specific to ones catering needs.

nibblit is not just an App, it’s a community that connects us to greater dining experiences and also gives us the opportunity to share our curated collections with friends and see the latest trending hot spots in our cities. Instantly, you are presented with thousands of new places to try.

Jordan Simek, Eileen Cassidy and Eleanor Baillieu

Eating out can be expensive; however, the nibblit App gives us a lot more knowledge and information before we head out. The menu, the presentation, the atmosphere and of course dietary requirements all come into play when making dining choices.

Brad Putzier and Clint Stanaway
Jordan Simek

Download the nibblit App for free enjoy a new experience or perhaps a new cuisine and make it memorable.



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