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Royal Stacks – Melbourne’s Best Burgers by Far

Royal Stacks founded by Dani Zeini first opened in 2016 on Melbourne’s Collins Street, bringing American Style burgers to Australia.

Royal Stacks Founder Dani Zeini and Executive Chef Terri Tep

Terri Tep is the Executive Chef at ‘Royal Stacks’ and has worked alongside owner Dani Zeini for the past 9 years coming with Dani to ‘Royal Stacks’ after working with him at his previously owned restaurant ‘The Dandenong Pavilion’, which was one of Melbourne’s most popular and successful family restaurants.

Interview – Executive Chef Terri Tep

“About five years ago we realised the food trend in America was ‘Burgers’ and generally what happens in America shortly follows suit to Australia. We jumped on the burger bandwagon and took turns heading back and forth to the USA, trying Burgers everywhere and found some amazing inspiration in Los Angeles”

What’s Special’ about Royal Stacks Burgers?

“We pride ourselves on our beef, we use O’Connor beef which is sourced from rural Australia and is 100% Australian, pasture fed. Our beef is GMO free, no hormones or antibiotics and is minced fresh daily. Our beef is our standout!”

“Everything about Royal Stacks burgers is unique and we’ve taken the time to perfect and fine tune our bread with a special recipe, we don’t make it on the premises but our bakers bake it just the way we like it. We also have chicken and vegetarian burgers and gluten free is also available with some of the burger choices. We try to cater to everyone’s needs.”

Teri’s background as a chef

“At the age of 16 I left school to become a chef. My love of cooking came from my mum, I didn’t realise it at the time but looking back I can see the influences mums love of cooking had on me. Mum was so passionate about cooking, everything she made I loved to eat and this love of cooking rubbed off on me”

“My passion for cooking has evolved over the years, working in different kitchens and for different people and playing with different foods”

“I began my career at TGI Fridays I worked with some amazing people that groomed me and the training was all hands on. They realised I had great leadership skills, since then everywhere I’ve worked I’ve had a leadership role”

“I am now the Executive Chef for the whole company at ‘Royal Stacks’, I look after menu design, all the recipes, staff training and I also oversee the openings of any new ‘Royal Stacks’ stores. We also have stores in China, we have five stores all up and I’m currently travelling back and forth to China. We are privately owned with Dani being the majority shareholder.”

“The most important thing at ‘Royal Stacks’ is that we are hands on and care about our product, we mince our meat daily, It’s hand pressed and labour intensive but we haven’t’ found the right machine to do the work for us as yet”

What’s next for Royal Stacks?

“We are just focused on our three stores in Melbourne and our two in China and not spreading the team out too thin. Dani is the brains behind ‘Royal Stacks’ and keeps us ahead of the game and keeping up to date with the latest trends and keeping us cool’

“We are also focused on using local Australian produce such as our cheese which is like the American cheddar but is produced locally here”

Royal Stacks Burgers

Royal Stacks burgers with 100% Australian beef and local produce include tomato, lettuce, Cheddar, Chipotle Mayo all in a delicious mouth-watering special recipe bun.  Some burgers include the super indulgent Mac and Cheese croquette.

Additions include Bacon, Raw Onion, Mustard and Jalapenos. French Fries and Gems with or without Cheese make the perfect side. Royal Stacks also pride themselves on their delicious milkshakes.

Desserts include Frozen Custard Milkshake and Cookies and Cream Dough.

Royal Stacks is located at 470 Collins Street Melbourne, Lower Ground Chadstone Shopping Centre and 1/800 Sydney Road Brunswick

Photography Sam Tabone

PR Helen Reizer

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