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2019 Oscar red carpet review with your Senior Fashion Editor Todd Anthony.

The Oscars present the most famous red carpet of them all, each year I wait for the Oscars red carpet with such anticipation, the excitement akin to finding out Tiffanys is on sale.

Top ten best-dressed list

In fifth place: Amandla Sternberg wearing an Art Deco-inspired nude with soft grey fringe detailed Miu Miu dress. This elegant and simple gown accentuates her waist and her height through clever use of fringe detailing. This look is all about the lady, not the gown. A very ladylike and youthful look.

Amandla Sternberg – Miu Miu

In fourth place: Michelle Yeoh wearing Ellie Saab. This Baroque-inspired gown with hand atelier metallic sequin and glass beads, paired with Michelle’s soft hair and natural makeup gives her an exquisite and regal delicacy. By adding an accessory to the look through the use of a skinny belt benefits this style by bringing a contemporary element.

Michelle Yeoh – Ellie Saab

Our bronze medalist for this year is Rachel Weisz in Givenchy, a delightful textural struggle in blazing red. This traditional red carpet silhouette has been innovated by the interesting play with textures. A sheer matt silk base that has been adorned with vivid razor sharp red sequins and a slippery wet cape made of latex is a cutting edge and playful Oscars red carpet look.

Rachel Weisz – Givenchy

Our runner up is Emma Stone wearing Louis Vuitton. This is what I call a triple threat of an outfit. Emma’s gown incorporates my three favourite things; great texture, great shape and a great colourway, all have been used with such intelligent proportion, accomplishing great height, a strong feminine form with just a touch of 1980’s old school glamour.

Emma Stone – Louis Vuitton

If you are constantly being overlooked as the top bet for an Oscar then come dressed as one. She may not have taken home the prize tonight at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles but she has won the golden medal for the 2019 Melbourne My Style Oscars red carpet review. It’s Glen Close in Carolina Herrera.

Glen Close – Carolina Herrera.

Etiquette tells us ladies come first. The reason for me presenting the gentleman after the ladies is on the grounds that this year the menswear on the red carpet took my breath away, so I’m saving the best for last.

At number five is Stephan James in ETRO. Stephan is wearing a traditional three-piece tailored suit in sumptuous cranberry velvet. The styling impresses me with the use of a Swarovski diamond earring as a lapel pin. That is intelligent styling.

Stephan James – ETRO

Number four is Joe Alwin in Tom Ford. The slightly oversized lapels paired with a silk cummerbund and bow tie set a traditional tone for the event whilst subtly hinting at a retro 1970’s coolness.

Joe Alwin – Tom Ford

Our bronze medalist is Chadwick Boseman wearing Givenchy Haute Couture. Chadwick has taken a number of risks and I am so delighted he did. Paying homage to the 1600s with this oversized neck tie. A man who wears sequins is always going to end up in our top five. After all, if you can’t have fun with your fashion at the Oscars, then what are you doing?

Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy

Silver is presented to Nicholas Hoult in Dior. Dior are engineers of the silhouette. This suit is cut so beautifully your eye falls to Nicholas’s face first then draws attention down his neck and off the left-hand side of his body. There is a beautiful rhythm to this suit, which produces a masculine strength to his physique.

Nicholas Hoult – Dior

The Melbourne My Style sweeping conquering hero is Christian Siriano for the distinguished ensemble designed for Billy Porter. Billy, you look incredible and for this, our Gold medal goes to the designer who dressed you. Congratulations to Christian Siriano the first Red Carpet award winner who wasn’t even there.

Billy Porter – Christian Siriano

Todd Anthony

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