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Melbourne Fashion Stylist – Lynette Pater – Setting the Scene

Let me introduce you to Lynette Pater one of the most incredible stylists I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet. Lynette is an experienced and very creative Melbourne based fashion stylist working with high profile client’s and collaborating with some of our most acclaimed photographers such as Sam Tabone (The alisters), Italian extraordinaire Luzio Grossi, An La and Eddie Korjenic to name a few.

Lynette’s style has been called “Whimsical, witty and effervescent”. She uses dichotomy to her advantage when styling an ensemble.

I love her use of colour and texture to maximise a couture element of surprise in all that she touches. Styling a campaign or fashion shoot is so much more than just dressing a model, standing at a location and taking a shot! Styling requires creativity, knowledge and understanding of designing a complete look, bringing in the correct hair and makeup artist, setting the location and sourcing the correct models and photographer, that enable the scene to be brought to life.

Please tell me a little about yourself and where your love of fashion began?

“My vocation stems back many years as an impressionable teenager from country Victoria where I was eager to embrace life and pursue happiness. I was always fascinated by colour and making fashion statements. The eventual move to city life provided the wider stage for any passions unspent”.

“This transformed into pursuing areas of intense study and continue to this day as a practitioner…always wanting, always striving to impress. I am still captivated and infatuated with the love of my working life…the fashion industry”.

 What does it take to be a good stylist and what sets you apart from the rest?

“For me it’s a highly individualistic combination of all my studies and life events culminating in a self-confidence, personal style and unique experiences that defines your outlook and your own sense of style”

 Where do you get your inspiration from? 

“Style, Colour and Texture are my key elements”

“I have developed a keen eye for detail through the many years in the beauty and fashion industry. It starts with a clear vision in my mind and I am able to see the “big picture”. Through sheer determination, perseverance and many hours of attention to detail, I am able to bring it all to life”.

Photography by Eddie Korjenic

Styling is more than just getting a few pieces of clothing together and putting them on a model? Please detail what is required to style a whole campaign and who’s involved?

“You would appreciate how each project is highly individual and a frontier. I source out an amazing team that bring all their artistic skills together for the specific theme. Some team members are core to each session – the photographer and assistant, the make-up artist, hair stylist, the garment, shoe and jewellery designers. In each session we are all motivated by the newness of the event and which also generates a creative expectation for the next shoot”.

Please tell us about some of your favourite campaigns and people you have worked with?

“The most fun was the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit. The Chairman of the Grand Prix Corporation, the late Ronald J.Walker, allowed me to style the Miss Poland Beauty Queens, visiting Australia for the Grand Prix”.

“Whilst in Australia the girls were invited everywhere, the Grand Prix Ball was a highlight, AFL Presidents Lunches, Government House functions, photos with State Premiers, Formula 1 drivers and celebrities – the media and the paparazzi had a field day. It was so much fun styling the day and evening – wear for the girls”.

“The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is still a current favourite each year. The colours, excitement, friendships and perhaps some of the competitive juices come out”.

 Are there any famous celebrities you look to for inspiration?

“Adrian Greenberg, the Hollywood Costume designer during the 1930’s is a favourite. His attention to detail to generate classic moods and settings with Jean Harlow, Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford, and Greta Garbo are timeless”.

“A later inspiration was Audrey Hepburn in her chic tailored outfits”.

Does overseas fashion play a part in your inspiration? What famous international brands do you look too for ideas?

“Most definitely, it’s always part of my constant research “.

“Two classic style icons dominate my thoughts, Chanel and Dior made such an impact on the industry. The 1947 look fascinated me with all the structured designs. Dior reintroduced shoulder pads and the corset to show off the feminine form”.

“Jean Paul Gautier…innovative and Avant garde…industrial with leather and corsetry wear”.

“John Galliano, I admire his greatness…..what can I say?….his embellishments are breath taking, not to mention his great vision. Who would forget the 2009 Fall/Winter runway with the models wearing transparent garments…What a huge, Wow”

What would you recommend to anyone wanting a career in styling?

“Underpinned by a burning passion for styling what worked for me was a series of bridging courses which I found invaluable in giving me a broader perspective which resulted in a confidence which never wanes. Always put yourself out there with your unique style”.

Please tell us any highlights in your career thus far?

“Each shoot is a unique experience so it’s more a continuous “high” and a look forward rather than reflection”.

Lynette’s styling is a playful marriage of old and new, bold and demure, soft yet hard. She really nails it every time. Her creations are a delight to the eyes. Contrast runs beautifully and wild through all her work.

Cover photo by Eddie Korjenic


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