Get Social with ‘Emmylou’ on World Social Media Day – June 30

Social influencer and confidence crusader Emmylou MacCarthy is calling on Melbourne to get social over coffee on

World Social Media Day, June 30, 2018


Melbourne My Style is happy to support Emmylou in her crusade to build universal love and confidence in all, to be able to be accepted just being yourself is the best feeling in the world.

Emmylou has captivated me personally on social media and I can’t get enough of this humble and realistic lady who has created a huge community following just being her true self.

You may have seen her up on a poster around the South Melbourne Market, on a billboard around Melbourne as the face of Gippsland Jersey or at one of her comedy nights.



The Port Melbourne mum who has amassed an Instagram following of 24,000 people in just 12 months at @emmylou_loves is launching a new “confidence cup” on June 30 as part of her movement to spread love, confidence and sustainability … one coffee at a time.

“The confidence cup is a universal signal to everyone that it is totally OK to stop and share a drink and conversation with loved ones who might need a confidence boost, away from their smart phones,” Emmylou said.

“I’m hoping the cups will be the conversation starter when used and seen in public as an easy and identifiable way for people to connect over coffee – and not just online where it can be a lonely place.

“Social media can unfortunately be the source of inadequacy and isolation for some as they compare their real lives with those perfectly curated existences that people seemingly live online.

“For me, social media is about building confidence and empowerment and injecting some much-needed realness and authenticity of the everyday and what better opportunity to share the next instalment of my confidence movement with those who need an injection of self-love as well as a caffeine hit on this globally recognised day!,” Emmylou said.

This is the second confidence cup Emmylou has released after the first sold out within 48 hours last year.

The cup was made in collaboration with frank green’s multi-award winning reusable SmartCup design in Emmylou’s signature red and pink brand. It is an 8oz cup for a small (180ml) or regular (230ml) coffee.


The cup is available for pre-order for $39.95 from

Follow Emmylou on Instagram at @emmylou_loves and join her #confidenceiscontagious movement. More information on Social Media Day is at


Pics attached of Emmylou MacCarthy with the confidence cup, or opportunities can be arranged at Canteen Café (Coventry Street, South Melbourne) on request this week.

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