Experience the Exquisite Fusion of Flavours: Ben Shewry’s ATTICA & REMEDY Kombucha collaborate with limited addition flavours that will leave your taste buds dancing and wanting more!

When Ben Shewry, the culinary genius behind Attica, gets excited about a product, you can be sure that your taste buds are in for a treat! And boy, did he deliver with the ultimate collaboration between Attica and Remedy Kombucha. Last night, we had the privilege of indulging in a mind-blowing 6 course degustation menu that was perfectly paired with Remedy’s expertly crafted Kombucha drinks. 

Ben Shewry welcomed us all to his Kombucha party and said, “if you approach me with a really good idea, I’m probably going to get really excited, and want to do it. It’s really important to me, that we at Attica work with people who are like minded, with people who make quality products, and with people who are based in Melbourne. 

As I got to know the Remedy crew and do my investigative journalism on them, I learnt they were a fabulous bunch of people and this partnership has been such a pleasure, and the best partnerships always happen because of the people.”

Guests including Diana Chan, Julia Ostro, Catriona Rowntree, Ella May Ding, Olivia Molly Rogers, Maddie Begala, Selena Yang to name a few, indulged along with myself in the flavours of the ‘picked desert lime’ for entrée. It was a culinary masterpiece that left your taste buds refreshed and longing for more. 

This exceptional dish was elevated by the inclusion of Sugarbag Honey, an ingredient so unique and rare that it adds a touch of exclusivity to your dining experience. The combination of its distinct citrus and eucalyptus taste creates a refreshing sensation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before and was matched perfectly to the limited-edition flavour of The Lime Spider kombucha by Remedy. This Kombucha captured the essence of zesty lime and vanilla ice cream, creating a drink that was refreshing and indulgent all at once and was matched magnificently with the entree. 

Chris Gillard, Managing Director at Remedy Drinks says, “We are thrilled to welcome Chef Ben Shewry to the Remedy Drinks family as our official ambassador. His passion for quality and creativity aligns seamlessly with our values, making him the perfect partner to help us showcase the craftsmanship behind our drinks.”

The collaboration between Ben Shewry and Remedy Drinks has resulted in the creation of two distinct and nostalgic kombucha flavours with the other being the Apple and Rhubarb crumble kombucha that’s a fusion of sweet apples and tart rhubarb. It was like taking a bite out of a warm, freshly baked crumble, but in liquid form. The flavours danced on our tongues, with the sweetness of the apples perfectly complemented by the tanginess of the rhubarb. It was a harmonious blend of contrasting flavours that left us craving for more and was paired perfectly to Attica’s Apple and Rhubarb Crumble.

What sets Attica X Remedy Kombucha apart is not just the incredible flavours, but also the commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Remedy Kombucha is known for their traditional brewing methods, which result in a drink that is not only delicious but also good for your gut. It’s a guilt-free indulgence that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

So, if you’re looking for a taste experience like no other, make sure to get your hands on these limited-edition flavours from Attica X Remedy Kombucha. Whether it’s the zesty Lime Spider or the irresistible Apple and Rhubarb crumble, you’re in for a treat. Ben Shewry’s excitement about this collaboration is well-founded – it’s a match made in flavour heaven. 

By Melinda Sullivan

For more visit https://www.attica.com.au and https://www.remedydrinks.com