The ‘LOVE LAB’ has arrived at Ballers Clubhouse with the ultimate Valentines Day experience from February 13th to 18th. Enjoy carefully crafted love potions and submerge yourselves in a grand ball pit sea of LOVE!

Lovers, get ready to ignite the passion this Valentine’s Day with Ballers Clubhouse’s newest activation, the all-new ‘Love Lab’. From February 13th until the 18th, this romantic and entertaining adventure awaits you. Brace yourselves for an evening filled with enchantment as you embark on a guided cocktail experience, where the perfect love potions will be created by master mixologists. And that’s not all – the Love Lab also offers the unique Love-O-Metre experience, where you will submerge yourselves in a grand ball pit sea of love.

Baller’s Clubhouse Co-Founder and avid love supporter, Josh Lefers emphasises the unique nature of the Love Lab experience, “Baller’s is at the forefront of experiential hospitality and there is no greater human experience than love. Especially when that love is expressed through a cocktail of the ingredients that taste like your love story.” 

Picture this: you and your special someone, surrounded by an atmosphere of love and excitement. As you step into the Love Lab, you’ll be transported to a world of romance and mystery. 

With every sip, you’ll feel the love potions working their magic. The Love Lab’s mixologists have perfected the art of creating drinks that not only tantalise your taste buds but also awaken your deepest desires. 

“If you think that’s all a bit too romantic, trust the science – our mixologists are wearing lab coats to experiment with test tubes and serving delicious donuts with custard-filled syringes!” continues Lefers. 

Now there can be no doubt that you need to experience the Love Lab with your Valentine, your gal-entine or your besties that need a touch of group love” suggests Lefers. 

But the venue’s love fascination doesn’t end in February, with Baller’s Clubhouse noting that their iconic ‘Love Lab’ will serve as a preview for a larger activation that will transform their city venue into the world’s first, Ball Pit Love Museum, set to launch in May 2024. 

The immersive and expansive love odyssey is set to awaken even the coldest of hearts with a series of experiences that are designed to delight and entrance both locals and tourists alike. With a range of activities including the aforementioned Love Lab, a ‘Cloud Nine’ love swing that will take your couple photos to the stratosphere, a literal ‘Love Island’ to trial out your reality-TV romances and a Vegas style chapel for that spur of the moment proposals Baller’s Clubhouse is set to become a house of love. 

For those that are single or not a fan of the clichéd rom-com iconography, Baller’s Clubhouse will also play host to the world’s first Self-Love room, providing an unparalleled supportive audio-visual experience that whispers positive affirmations and good lighting in the addition to a new custom built gaming experience, Hearts, and Darts, that redefines what it means to be ‘Dangerously in Love’. 

Opening in May 2024, patrons of the Ball Pit Love Museum are set to be enamoured from first sight, till then Baller’s Clubhouse seeks to ignite Melbourne’s appetite for love through their Love Lab. Bookings are essential and can be made directly through Baller’s Clubhouse

So, lovers, this Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for the ordinary. Step into Ballers Clubhouse’s Love Lab and let the magic unfold. Indulge in exquisite cocktails, crafted with love and passion, and trust the science behind the Love O Metre experience to take your connection to new heights. It’s time to celebrate love in a way that’s both enchanting and entertaining. Book your spot in the Love Lab today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure of the heart.

By Melinda Sullivan.