Ballers Clubhouse: Carlton’s Ultimate Entertainment Destination combines unparalleled hospitality with a diverse range of interactive games!

Get ready to experience an unforgettable night out like never before, as Ballers Clubhouse arrives in the vibrant neighbourhood of Carlton. This new hotspot combines unparalleled hospitality with a diverse range of entertainment options, ensuring that every visit is a memorable one.

One of the standout features at Ballers Clubhouse is the Neo Shuffle, a modern take on the classic shuffleboard game. Step up to the sleek, high-tech shuffleboard tables and challenge your friends to a friendly competition. 

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Social Darts is another popular attraction at Ballers Clubhouse and my personal favourite and offers a unique twist on the traditional pub game. With multiple dartboards and a lively atmosphere, you can test your skills against friends or make new acquaintances as you aim for that coveted bullseye, all while sipping on your favourite cocktail.

And here’s the exciting news: Ballers Clubhouse has recently introduced the all-new Ball Pit Karaoke! Dive into a sea of colourful balls and unleash your inner rockstar as you belt out your favourite tunes. This interactive and immersive karaoke experience takes singing to a whole new level, ensuring laughter, applause, and an unforgettable night.

To complement the entertainment, Ballers Clubhouse offers an array of interactive cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds. Ballers Clubhouse’s skilled mixologists will craft drinks that not only look stunning but also deliver an explosion of flavours. Every sip is an adventure, making the beverage selection as exciting as the entertainment.

When it comes to dining, Ballers Clubhouse sets the bar high. Their tantalizing menu features a fusion of international cuisines, prepared with the finest ingredients, and presented with impeccable style. Whether you’re craving gourmet sliders, mouth-watering tacos, or something different like the cheeseburger spring rolls with burger sauce, the culinary team at Ballers Clubhouse has you sorted!

So if you’re looking for a memorable night out with a difference full of fun, laughter, exceptional entertainment, food, and beverages then look no further. Ballers Clubhouse is a one-stop, all-inclusive destination.

By Melinda Sullivan

Photography by Sam Tabone