Glow, Smash and Volley this January at Ballers for the Australian Open

January is the time of year tennis fans get excited about the Australian Open. This year Ballers Clubhouse is bringing a whole new level of excitement to celebrate the tournament with their Glow, Smash and Volley event that includes Melbourne’s first Glow in the Dark tennis court. They’ll be serving up cocktails, tunes and tennis like, you’ve never played it! Forget sweating in the summer sun as your watch them fight it out centre court, instead strap on the fluro and reach for the zinc as you host your very own grand slam at the Ballers super venue. 

The Glow, Smash and Volley event is open to both tennis fans and non-fans alike. It’s a fun way to enjoy the Australian Open season with friends and family. The Glow in the dark court is just one of the many exciting interactive games to be played at Ballers. Punters are also invited to get in on the action through the event whilst enjoying the specially created glow-in-the-dark Canadian Club cocktail.

Situated in the city, the clubhouse is known for multiple levels of games for partying all day and night, including Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, Darts and Virtual Reality.  

“Ballers has created a unique hospitality-meets-sport offering that is worthy of the world-stage that the AUS Open plays on!  At Glow in the Dark Tennis, we are serving up the perfect mix of tennis and party,” says Josh Lefers, Co-Founder Ballers Clubhouse. “We’ve even got a complimentary glow costume shop for anyone who wants to really outshine their opponents!” 

Lefers continues, “At the height of the tennis frenzy, who doesn’t want to see if they can pull off an ace worthy of their heroes!  It’s such a unique experience to be able to have a drink, a dance and “make a racquet” with your mates! I mean we don’t want people getting smashed at Ballers but we do want them smashing balls!”

Tennis lovers and partiers alike are invited to get their glow on smashing serves on the 3/4 court and cocktails over the 13 days of the open. Glowers can venture beyond tennis to hang out in the LED ball pit or have a hit of flaming ping pong or just sit back, relax and binge the Australian Open on the big projection screen.

The limited-edition Ballers Glow in the Dark experience launches Saturday the 14th of January with an epic Saturday night party from 9 pm!

Glow in the Dark Tennis will continue every day and night until the 29th of January. For $34 pp punters will receive an Access -All Games Pass, to roam the venue.  

Ballers are located at 2 Cloverlid Place, in Melbourne’s CBD. 

Walk-ins are welcome but booking online is recommended at

Cover photo Justin Lacko & Lee Chan

Photography by Sam Tabone