Happy 8th Birthday Ms Collins! Still the Hottest Girl in Town!

After weathering the storm Ms Collins Turns 8 this coming August. She’s mysterious, a social chameleon, diverse and has entertained everyone from bankers to boomers. She calls Boy George, Nelly, Kevin Hart, Usain Bolt and Anna Sharapova friends with the house continually evolving to retain her status as ‘the hottest girl in town’. Behind her stands a team of industry stalwarts including Tony Perna, Bobby Love, Nick Vas, Hatem Saleh, Kenneth Ngov, Justin Davis, Dean Vas and Aaron Bleas. Renovations conducted through lockdown have taken Ms Collins to next level sophistication whilst retaining the original vision of the Artist Juan Mcarb, an established name on the Melbourne street art scene.

Ms Collins brings together food, fashion and music all under the roof of the 1932 heritage-listed building. The interior makes use of pop culture references with underlying wit and humour. Working with Mcarb, the club’s original vision delivered a space that is fun and immersive with unexpected hidden treasures to be discovered. The venue has a history of working with top interior designers such as Blackmilk and recently has collaborated with Lisa Salmon. The interior of Ms Collins consists of seven bars and twelve private rooms including a Dom Pérignon inspired champagne bar and cocktail space. The Cocktail Room pays homage to the classic female design. The venue feels luxurious whilst catering to a diverse crew of punters.

Through lockdown, Melbourne’s city streets were quiet, however, Ms Collins was busy getting ready to breathe life back into the city’s patrons. The team undertook extensive renovations including updating all bathrooms on all three levels with a beautiful grand marble finish with artistic Ms Collins inspired neons. In addition, the team worked with interior designer Lisa Salmon to reinvigorate The Cocktail Room (right). The final result is a classic glam Hollywood space reminiscent of the Golden Era.

“I drew on inspiration from the Hollywood Regency era,” said Lisa Salmon Interior Designer. “This is such a timeless style, and one of my personal favourites. I was inspired by all the glitz and glam from the silver screen of the 1920s and brought that to The Cocktail Room. The end result bursts with colour and opulence with blushing pinks, charming corals, and luxurious gold embellishments.”

The venue itself boasts an incredible art collection accompanied by delicious food and beverages all to the backdrop of global music. The club itself caters to anywhere from 50 to 850 guests across the space and delivers the ultimate entertainment experience 3 nights a week. The cocktail list has been designed by experienced Mykonos hospitality professional Panos Tzanimis, the Ms Collins Venue Manager.

Behind Ms Collins stands an iconic team with decades of experience in the industry. Owner and Director Tony Perna was an original partner of the iconic Melbourne nightclub Alumbra whilst Bobby Love is a stalwart of Melbourne’s music scene with over 30 years as one of Melbourne’s premier RnB DJs. Partner Nick Vas brings 18 years of experience in hospitality including as owner of Elia Tavern and he was also a partner of Alumbra. Hatem Saleh is the founder and CEO of the iconic hospitality powerhouse, Atlantic Group®. Hatem is an industry leader and innovator with a diverse portfolio spanning 28 years including event spaces, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and event catering. Co-Owner, Kenneth Ngov has a history of owning and running top Melbourne venues including Bond Melbourne, Baroq House and Yum Sing House Restaurant and Karaoke Bar. Dean Vas, Partner, was also a partner of Alumbra and brings over 19 years’ experience to the team in marketing and hospitality. Justin Davis, Partner is owner of Wespot, one of Australia’s largest waterproofing/tiling and stone masonry companies while Aaron Bleas rounds out the team with extensive hospitality experience including the iconic Alumbra.

This is a venue with elegance and precision, a venue that after two years of lockdowns has emerged as a resilient phoenix from the ashes. As Ms Collins turned 8, she was ready to pick up where she left off, to continue the party, throw caution to the wind and say “cheers” to a birthday well worth celebrating.

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Styled by Melinda Sullivan with special thanks to Harry’s Menswear of Berwick

Photography by Sam Tabone

PR Helen Reizer