Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre Presents – ORACLE – A Mythical Journey Through the Stars.

Oracle – A Mythical Journey Through the Stars – Show Review By Jake Freeman.

“Since the beginning of time, humankind, gods and goddesses alike, have all looked up to the stars in an attempt to draw meaning from the Universe. In doing so, prophecies, myths, and tales have been told; tales of monsters, mermaids, and other mythical creatures. Of powerful goddesses, and vengeful gods, of heroes and beautiful maidens. Tales of a decadent time of love and lust, of bravery and sacrifice. Tales and legends that birthed the star constellations of the Zodiac signs we know today.”

These were the words spoken by the Oracle goddess herself in a deep rich voice played by Jazmin Varlet in the show’s opening scene while suspended above the stage, accompanied by thunder and lightning that excited the cheering crowd. Jazmin Varlet, a former contestant from The Voice and The X Factor also provided the narration throughout the show. The scene is set with ancient Greek pillar columns behind her and the cast. 

Oracle is loosely based around the signs of the zodiac, with a performance for each star sign.
Throughout the show, the stories are told with reference to ancient gods and mythical creatures, using a mixture of live and pre-recorded vocals, modern dance, impressive circus and aerial acts, and of course burlesque. From start to finish, the only word to describe the night was: spectacular.

This really was a showstopper of a show that was so entertaining, so fun, and captivating, that I would want to see it again and again! Each performance was amazing and jaw-dropping, with plenty of ooh and argh from the audience who were spellbound.

A few highlight acts that stood out were: Adam Malone as the Egyptian god of Aries. He thrilled everyone as he effortlessly twirled a number of hoops on various parts of his body, from his foot and then both his arms to the delight of the crowd while modern music and strobe lighting teased in the background. My favourite was Reed Kelly and Jack Dawson – aerial stunt performers who left the audience on the edge of their seats in a well-synchronized series of aerial acrobatic acts. There were times I thought one would accidentally drop the other or miss their cue, but they did not fail. Also entertaining was Bettie Bombshell in the Leo segment with her fire-eating skills to warm up the crowd.

After a sold-out tour in three Australian capital cities earlier this year, Oracle returns to Melbourne for a limited season at the Athenaeum Theatre on Collins St from 14-30 July. Despite the chilly weather and flu bug going around, there was a strong turnout on the show’s opening night with notable guests including Tottie Goldsmith, Pettifleur Berenger, Cherry Dipietrantonion Stefan Dennis, and Gamble Breaux to name a few.

Oracle is a high-energy show that has the feel and quality of a Cirque du Soleil performance.
I loved the costumes, outfits, and props, ranging from ancient Greek to Egyptian to Viking warriors. I liked how the stage was set. The music fitted each segment perfectly. Most importantly, I loved the cast who are an extremely talented group of people who can dance, sing and do amazing circus and aerial and acrobatic stunts.

They deserved the biggest applause of the night. Even if you are not a fan of this type of entertainment, you will be after seeing this show.

The running time is 1 hour 50 minutes, including a 20-minute interval.

Oracle contains fire, haze, partial nudity, strobe lighting, adult content, and occasional coarse language, and is recommended for audiences age 18 plus.

Oracle is playing until 30 July at The Athenaeum Theatre on 188 Collins Street Melbourne. For tickets, go to