Celebrity & Founder of Lushsticks, SAMUEL LEVI talks about his specially crafted roll-on Clay Masks, that are unique, easy and affordable for all!

In this edition of Melbourne My Style, Jake talks to Samuel Levi, the founder of LushSticks.

Hailed as a world first and rapidly gaining notice in the beauty and skin product industry, LushSticks are specially crafted clay face masks with a roll-on stick application that can cater to all skin needs.
Speaking to Melbourne My Style, Samuel told us, he wanted to create something unique, easy, and affordable for everyone and to invent something that was eliminating the mess, as well as be suitable for those who have super sensitive skin, like himself.  

Please tell us how Lushsticks came about?

I am obsessed with skincare, keeping my face and appearance looking fresh, and the best they can be. After constantly being sent product after product, the mess, the fuss, and everything else in between, I wanted to eliminate that, as it became a burden. So, I wanted to create something, unique, easy, and affordable for all at home wanting to keep on top of their beauty regime. With a design, now made into a stick, it was my mission to invent something that was accessible, 100% eliminate the mess, and be suitable for those who have super sensitive skin, like myself. 

What are Lushsticks exactly and how do they differ from a normal face mask?

LushSticks are an absolute game-changer in the beauty space!!!! Our uniquely designed, and specially crafted Clay Masks were born, for a no mess, no fuss, and easy application. You will look and feel luminous, across our wide range of Australia’s first-ever fruit extract, Clay Masks, produced on a roll-on stick. YES, that’s right. On a roll-on stick. Giving you every essential benefit to tackle your ultimate skin needs, with no mess. no fuss process.

Why do you personally love this product so much?

I love this product so much and am so proud of the brand. The response has been amazing, and I love that this is just so easy to use, anyone can use it, I have made it super affordable for all, and another amazing thing is they are the perfect travel companion. Just pop one in your toiletry bag, and you can maintain your beauty regime on the go.

Who can use Lushsticks? Men and Women?

LushStick’s are designed for EVERYONE. Men, Women, and especially children. With all our products being natural, no harm full ingredients, and perfect for those with sensitive skin, this product s certainly for everyone out there.

We know you designed the magnetic lashes and now Lushsticks, what’s next for Sam Levi? Will you continue to expand your beauty range?

I have a few amazing things in the pipeline for myself and LushSticks. 2022, is all about extending the LushStick’s range and also working on some amazing projects such as “Samuel Levi”. It’s the year to get everything you ever wanted to do done.

All sticks are great for all skin types and currently have 5 LushSticks available on the market today.

See below which one is best used.

Avocado – Repair & Moisture

Orange (Vitamin C) – Tighten & Tone

Eggplant – Clear & Smoothing

Charcoal – Pore Detox

Pink Clay – Nourishing & Restoring

To see more of what is on offer with LushSticks, go to www.lushsticks.com

Interview by Jake Freeman Words by Samuel Levi