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Winter Olympics in Melbourne anyone? Not quite but gear up for Sliders Curling at Melbourne’s new super-venue, Ballers Clubhouse.

Melbourne VIPs and socialites were invited to the exclusive launch of “Sliders Curling” at Ballers Clubhouse presented by Jagermeister. Guests arrived in Retro style Winter Fashion and were ushered to the Media wall for a snow falling photo opportunity.

Ballers owners Josh Lefers and Stephen Wools greeted the retro-clad guests with Josh giving Derek Zoolander a run for his money, dressed in an Acid Wash onesie complete with a winter white headband featuring the word ‘FASHION’.

A limited-edition pop-up game within a winter wonderland setting has been created and features an unrivalled experience within Melbourne.

All had fun learning the famous winter sport of ‘Sliders Curling’ while sipping on Jagermeister cocktails that were perfect for the winter mood with mild and creamy flavours.

Ballers Clubhouse Ice Curling is Australia’s first bar-style Ice Curling facility and will be highly interactive and scalable for anywhere from 2-10 participants per rink. This game is for a limited time only in Melbourne at Ballers Clubhouse (2 Coverlid Place CBD) from the start of July until the end of August so be sure to book early to avoid missing out. Oh, and book even earlier if you want to make sure you make it to Australia’s biggest ever XMAS in JULY party!! (Wait till you see Santa on the Sliders Curling, he sleighs it!).

How to Book?

Head to and select “Sliders Curling” from the Games list on the homepage then follow the prompts to check out on your preferred date, time, and group size.

Or if you’re after a large, bespoke booking then contact our events team via .

How to Play?

There will be four curling lanes to accommodate eight people each across one-hour booking slots. Your host will divide you into teams to ignite your competition. You will slide ‘stones’ towards circular scoring zones at the opposing end of the lane, much like lawn bowls – the stones left closest to the centre target will score the highest points. Nominate two team members as ‘sweepers’ to help influence where the stones go.

Each booking will accompany the lane, the equipment, a host, and your very own winter cabana to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

PR Helen Reizer

By Melinda Sullivan

Photography Sam Tabone

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