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LANA WILKINSON – Infuse your stride with a dose of @bylanawilkinson Spring/Summer 20/21


Australian Celebrity/Fashion Stylist and shoe designer Lana Wilkinson has no doubt designed the ultimate Spring/Summer 20-21 shoe collection with every fashion lover in mind.

From elevated heels to stylish studded slides, Lana’s latest collection is designed to match any outfit for any occasion.

Pointy toe stilettos are notably a key trend for Spring/Summer with slides also another popular choice for those wanting a flat shoe. The slide has become the new glorified alternative to thongs and Lana’s stud customization design is set to be the must-have staple shoe we all need, as we head into the warmer months.

Lauren (Gold)

As Australia continues to embrace what is beginning to feel more like normal life, Wilkinson reminds people there is a powerful argument for taking joy in ‘getting dressed’ again. 

“The same way the colour red has been proven to make people exercise better and the ‘power tie’ can make people feel more in control, the science behind how you dress is not superficial. When you wear something that makes you feel really good the effects might be subtle, but they are real and they matter,” says Wilkinson.

“The coronavirus gave rise to a comforting aesthetic and because of this we’ve forgotten how good it feels to indulge in ‘dressing up’. It’s time to ditch the effortless and re-embrace fashion again.”

The release also marks the first birthday of Wilkinson’s namesake brand, proving that fashion still has its place even during a pandemic.

Wilkinson says, “I feel extremely proud and grateful that my brand has been able to survive. I think no matter what is happening in the world, fashion is an individual’s superpower. Fashion has the power to evoke emotions and allows statements to be made. Over the years fashion has changed dramatically, from the rise and fall of fast fashion to couture becoming mainstream, fashion still has the ability to change a person’s status, mood and perception.”

She says: “We are seeing a shift in Australian retail and I’m thrilled to see hope in the online space. Australian’s are still shopping online and seeking out affordable fashion because they need to feel good, and brands need to continue helping them do so.”

Due to Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions, the new collection was shot in Sydney with renowned Australian photographer Steven Chee and Sydney stylist Marina Didovich. 

Wilkinson says, “Working with two professionals such as Steven and Marina has allowed me to step out of my styling background and into the designing space. Styling is still part of my core, however stepping out for me is more than stepping out from Covid. I want my new shoe collection to allow people to feel the confidence to step out wherever that may take them.”

Prices range from $219.95 – $269.95AUD.


7pm AEST Tuesday 20th October:

  • Georgia (Nude)
  • Anna (in White)
  • Brit (White)
  • Kylie (Flat in White)
  • Kylie (Flat in Black)

7pm AEST 10th November

  • Lauren (Gold)
  • Anna (Black)

7pm AEST 1st December

  • Hayley (White)
  • Jessie (Silver)
  • Jessie (Gold)

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