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It’s one of the most interesting times in our lives right now and we’re forced to face several unpleasant realities. Being forced inside and limiting our ability to connect with others is challenging, but, there’s no reason we can’t learn to accept and adapt to our current situation and do what’s best to take care of ourselves.

So how can we learn from this pandemic and adapt to our new lives in a way that’s positive? Being proactive about all areas of your life is important now more than ever as we have the opportunity to reassess our relationships, careers, finances, lifestyles, personal care, and more. It’s a time to go inwards, reflect, and take stock of our lives and the areas that can be refreshed, decluttered, and spring cleaned; both literally and metaphorically.

So where to from here? Read on for our roundup of ways to restyle your life through lockdown hibernation.


Spending so much time away from friends can help us understand the value of each of our  relationships. Are there some people who you miss desperately, who you can’t wait to catch up with for a cocktail or brunch? Those are the people feeding your soul through this strange time, and surely you’re keeping in touch regularly.

On the other hand, are there certain friends you haven’t thought much of during long stretches apart? Can you recall feeling more annoyed or upset in their presence? These might be the people you’d consider peacefully detoxing from your life. Not all separations need to be dramatic or upsetting, sometimes we outgrow friendships and can calmly drift apart from people, rather than getting into a disagreement.

Outgrowing relationships isn’t a sign that you’ve done something wrong or you or the other person are bad people, it’s just life. You grow, learn, and change journeys, and sometimes the people who were with you up to this point, aren’t meant to be a part of the next stage in your journey. Not everyone comes with you on the whole journey. New people come in that you connect with and that’s okay. This time of solitude and lockdown has allowed people time to reassess who their real friends are and who is important. Take stock of who has your back and who doesn’t.


So how do you take an honest inventory of your lifestyle? Start with the basics (or the most painful). Your finances. Get a financial health check and speak to a professional about managing and paying down your debts, ensuring you’re saving enough each month, and how to manage your spending habits.

The past few months have been a crash course in saving, without restaurants to go to, vacations to be had, or shops to visit (though online shopping is still alive and well). When we return to normalcy, don’t live beyond your means. Stick to a healthy balanced budget. This pandemic has really made people stop and think about how they are living and why.

Cleaning house

Decluttering is my favourite thing to do while stuck at home. The end result is unbelievably refreshing once you’ve cleared space and removed items that are old or irrelevant.

Belongings that are no longer useful to you might be just what someone else is looking for, or needs so you can always donate them to a charity or sell on eBay or market place. If you sell some quality items that you just don’t need or want, you can make some money while creating space for something new. There is nothing like having more storage space and having things in order!


Taking the time to put in some effort to dress nicely can really help improve your mood. Your soul will thank you. How you dress impacts how you feel and says a lot about who you are (even when you can’t get out to see anyone. Your style is a part of you.

We’ve had the privilege to dress down lately, spending a lot of time at home. But, dressing up a bit at home can also be fun, it doesn’t have to be sweats and pajamas day in and day out. Try some nice suede loafers and an oversized shirt in a nice fabric, or loose trousers with an off the shoulder tee. No one said you can’t be stylish while casually at home. It’s the perfect time to experiment with new colours, looks and layering.

It also works when you’re getting in your hour of exercise outside as well. Sometimes we forget we’re still a part of the world when spending so much time outside, but stepping out in nice activewear, with your hair pulled into a neat bun or ponytail can make the world of difference.

This applies to men too, whether you’re running the tan, going on a bike ride, or nipping to the shops. Lots of men are growing out their beards or rocking the disheveled look which is great, but some beard oil and a little time with a comb and some hair wax can make you feel alive again!

Isolation, while difficult, can be therapeutic in ways. The cleaning out and taking stock of all the unwanted people, things, situations, and feelings is a refreshing way to get back into life and start anew. It may not always be easy to do, but cleansing negativity is necessary for the flow of life. Creating a new blueprint of what you want and your dreams is part of life and there is no better time than now. By taking inventory of your life you’re putting yourself in the position of taking this new way of living post lockdown to another level. You’ll find you’re clearer and lighter in all areas of life.  


Written by Marisa Ferraro

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