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People in Media – Channel 9 Sports News Journalist Clint Stanaway.

Clint Stanaway is one of Australia’s most loved and watched sports news journalists and has been fortunate enough to have covered some of the world’s most recognised sporting events including, The Australian Ashes, Wimbledon, The London Olympic Games in 2012 and the FIFA World Cup, reporting from Brazil in 2014.

Clint, born and raised in Melbourne, attended Glen Waverley Secondary College and it was in year 10 that he was accepted into Channel 9 as a work experience student.

“I liked the idea of working in television, but never thought I’d work on-air. Then, on my first day, I watched Brian Naylor present the 6pm news from the studio control room. From that moment I was addicted… and knew I wanted to pursue a career in the industry”, says Clint.

Clint went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University that led him to his career in sports journalism. In 2002 he began his television career with WIN in Bendigo, before returning to Nine News as a reporter in 2005.

Currently, Stanaway is living his career dream with channel 9 as the Weekend Sports Presenter alongside Alicia Loxley and Justine Conway, he’s a regular on Wide World of Sport’s and was recently picked up by the Today Show, which is aired from Sydney nationwide.

Interview with Clint Stanaway

Who has influenced you as a journalist?

“I always loved reading Mike Sheahan’s copy. His words always seemed to resonate with me as did his infectious love of sport. In a TV broadcasting sense, I have always looked up to Peter Hitchener and Tony Jones. Both are impeccable and passionate presenters.”

Who has left that lasting impression?

“I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Sir Michael Parkinson in my time living in London. I was a bundle of nerves arriving at his beautiful property in Windsor. As we pulled into the driveway, he met the crew with a smile and me with some reassuring words… “What a perfect day for an interview,” he said. I remember the moment like it was yesterday.”

How has the current pandemic impacted your work?

“Ultimately, the shutdown of sport has impacted hugely on our bulletins… especially the way we gather and present news. Still, athletes, their clubs and families have been generous with their time, enabling the audience to get an insight into their life away from the game. I’ve found this form of storytelling quite refreshing.” 

Do you see the way in which media is currently presented changing in the future?

“I understand there will be tweaks. Fundamentally, the news will look very similar. But Zoom and Skype interviews may well become more common. I think the pandemic and subsequent shutdown have made us as sports journalists think outside the square a lot more, both in terms of content but also when presenting. It’s been a good challenge!”

Interview by Clint Stanaway

Written by Melinda Sullivan

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