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Illustrator Megan Hess and award-winning French Interior Designer Nadia Aber present, ‘La Capsule Royale’ in Melbourne.

Australian and French dream teams have joined forces to deliver a luxury furniture collection, the collection was launched exclusively at Jade + Amber on Thursday, 28th November at the Toorak store. The style meets art collaboration is based upon four fantasy-themed characters to deliver a fresh sophistication to interior design.

French Interior and Furniture Designer – Nadia Aber at her Toorak store ‘Jade + Amber’, featuring the chairs she designed and collaborated on with Illustrator, Megan Hess.
Photography – Sam Tabone

Award-winning French Interior & Furniture Designer Nadia Aber designed the chairs with the inspiration from her childhood growing up in Paris surrounded by timeless design.

“I visualised a modern classic furniture collection that can be placed anywhere in history, a work of art, a vision of the future in the present or better said the chairs exude elegance and sophistication, “says Nadia.

World-Renowned and much loved Illustrator – Megan Hess

La Capsule Royale, translated to English means The Regal Capsule, features the excellence of Savoir Faire with sustainability and craftsmanship crucial elements; the chairs are handmade to give high quality, luxurious finish. The artwork is meticulously engraved into the Perspex and can also be bespoke.

Ombre Pink Macaron Tower by ‘A little bit France’.

Nadia says it was an honour to work on this collaboration and is extremely proud to see their visions come to life. “We both share the same love for French style and it’s an absolute joy to see Megan’s amazing illustrations on the chairs,” says Nadia.

Andrea and Dr Chris Moss celebrate the event with Nadia

The collection can be bespoke designed to perfectly complement the home, office or business space.

Australian Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess has built an international brand working with some of the most prestigious fashion designers and luxury labels including Dior, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chopard. Megan says it was an honour to be given the opportunity to use the chair as a blank canvas for her art.

Megan Hess

“As soon as I met Nadia, I knew that I really wanted to collaborate with her as we both shared a love of everything French and we had such a similar passion for design,” says Megan.

All things French

The artwork was designed to showcase four unique characters inspired by another time in another land. “I loved the idea of guests at a dinner party choosing which character they wanted to sit at,” says Megan.

Guests celebrate the unique characters drawn by Megan

The result was greater than her expectations and it was a moment of pure joy. “When I first saw the final chairs in the flesh, I was almost brought to tears. I have six of the chairs around my dining room table and I literally smile every single time I pass them,” says Megan.

Speciality French-style cocktails by ‘Monsieur Cocktail’
Host for the night Craig Lawson (centre)

There are plans to add new characters to this capsule collection that meets three style elements of modern, classic timeless design with a touch of industrial. “I really hope the chairs add a beautiful design element to a room and they bring the owner endless joy,” says Megan.

Kookai owner – Danielle Vagner

Melinda Sullivan Editor in Chief of Melbourne My Style sat down with Megan for a one on one interview.

What was the very first fashion house/brand you worked with Megan? Megan says; “the first luxury label I worked with was Tiffany & Co in New York to illustrate their 5th Avenue windows”. Tiffany & Co on Fifth Avenue in New York is world-renowned and opened its doors in 1940. Growing up Megan would often window shop out the front of this store never imagining that one day she would be contracted to illustrate the iconic jewellery brand that is loved the world over.

Megan, please tell me what your favourite illustration is and why? Megan says; “My favourite illustration is ‘Travel Girl’ and I’ve drawn her many times, however, she is always sitting on a piece of luggage from a different designer with the quote, “not all who wander are lost”, a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien. I usually create a new one of her each year. It’s a quote and an illustration that I drew at a time when I didn’t travel, its something that I put out into the universe that I wanted to do and it’s a dream that has come true for me and is now something that I always look back too”.

What is your favourite Australian Label? Megan Says; “My favourite Australian label is Zimmermann, I continuously wear the label and it’s sending me broke (Megan laughs), it’s so easy to wear and I feel so comfortable wearing it. It suits everything in my life from travel to events. Zimmermann is so versatile elegant and feminine not too short or too tight-fitting”.

Where is your favourite place to travel in the world? Megan says; “My favourite place to work is Paris but my favourite place to holiday is Hawaii as I never work in Hawaii. Hawaii is a place I associate with relaxation, pink sunsets, cocktails, beach and shopping just all the things you enjoy on a holiday”.

What inspired you to become an Illustrator and how did it become your passion? Megan says; “I always drew, it was always my passion, I can’t remember ever not drawing. I never realised drawing could or would become my career. After studying graphic design and travelling in London it finally clicked that this could and has now become my career.”

Jade + Amber
Address: Shop 10, 501 Toorak Rd, Toorak, VIC 3188
Phone: 03 9827 1901

Written by Melinda Sullivan

Photography – Sam Tabone for Craig Lawson Communications

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