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Ciano and Rozza – Melbourne ‘are at the cutting edge of luxury fashion for both men and women’

The leaves in Melbourne have crisped up and turned an amazing shade of amber, that soft smell of open fireplaces is to floating through the air and the fall of the sun seems to come as fast as it rises. We have arrived into the most beautiful part of the year, Winter.

In a world of homogenised design and fast fashion, it can be difficult for the successful professional in Melbourne to find sophisticated tailoring, and it becomes more difficult in the winter months due to the amount of layering required to keep warm. If you fall into this category, Melbourne My Style has the perfect antidote to this dilemma in Ciano & Rozza.

Ciano & Rozza’s winter 2019 collection continues to stay loyal to the brand’s ethos in producing contemporary tailoring that responds to leading fashion trends. Garments within the new range of both men’s and women’s suiting and outerwear are constructed with traditional atelier tailoring techniques.

Aesthetically the new collection has extracted inspiration from suiting trends of the1990s. Structured around clean silhouettes, engineered with the finest woven fabrications sourced globally. Ciano & Rozza use geometric design lines and an achromatic tonal colour way to modernise their 90’s influence.

Ciano & Rozza assist their clients in creating numerous style choices for their wardrobes by offering a range in which each garment is cohesive to all others. This cohesion creating a gateway to the art of power dressing in order to best represent your professional and social standing. The collection is versatile in that it is able to take you from the office to the evening with ease.

One of the most beautiful aspects to this business is the support for local artisan craftsmanship. Ciano & Rozza have the historical undertraining that once upon a time, Australia’s hand crafted tailoring techniques were once comparable to that of the Italian. Their ambition is to continually cultivate the art here in Melbourne in order to provide Australia’s elite professionals with wardrobes that are at the cutting edge of world luxury fashion trend.

Ciano & Rozza offer a personalised experience to all who walk through their doors. As the Senior Fashion Editor at Melbourne My Style, it is my job to know who can help you obtain the highest quality garments that are responding to contemporary industry trends.

Ciano & Rozza – Shop 4, 218-242 Little Collins Street, Melbourne


Instagram: cianoandrozza_official

Facebook: ciano&rozza

Todd Anthony – Fashion Director.

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