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Tigerlily MBFWA

Tigerlily is a leading Fashion Resortwear brand with global expansion at the forefront, and is continuing the brands journey to address climate change.

Determined to raise the bar, April 2019 saw the release of Tigerlily’s first annual Consciousness Report. The Tigerlily team has been working on a sustainability strategy that centres key issues currently preoccupying the global fashion industry: circularity, supply chain transparency, waste and climate impact.

The new collection boasting an increase in the use of natural fibres, recycled yarns, and fabric produced with lensing certification, meaning made from renewable wood supplies using a closed-loop system that includes the fabric being ultimately biodegradable.

The collection as always is elegant, ethereal and purposeful. Not only is the company to be applauded on its sustainable and ethical ethos but also on the continued development of beautiful fashion product. 

Photography Sam Tabone

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