Vogue’s Fashion Queen ‘Anna Wintour’ arrives for Melbourne’s Australian Open 2019

On her very first trip to Australia, Dame Anna Wintour arrives for Melbourne’s 2019 Australian Open. Those in the fashion world look to her as the ‘Ultimate Style Queen’, since she became the editor in chief of Vogue in 1988.

Photography by Sam Tabone for Getty Images Tennis Australia

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Anna says, “I’ve been at Vogue for more years than I can possibly remember, it’s a great company, I feel very honoured and privileged to be there. I love the platform that Vogue gives me and I love the ability to help others”.

The British born – American journalist and editor is rarely seen without her signature black Chanel couture sunglasses and most often prefers to also keep them on whilst indoors.

Anna’s two greatest passions are tennis and fashion and this time around due to a clash in events being on at the same time, Anna has chosen to miss Paris Fashion Week and the much anticipated Couture Runways to attend Melbourne’s Australian Open.

Anna is asked how important tennis is to her at the official Australian Open brunch and says “I admire so much of the individual spirit of the tennis player, their grace under pressure”.

Anna wears her signature ‘Chanel’ sunglasses with her classic blunt cut bob, ‘Manolo Blahnik’ sling backs and a summery classic white floral dress

Anna also states that she is “considered bizarre in New York for her love of tennis”. “I’m in awe of what these athletes can achieve, when they lose they pick themselves back up and go back on the court the next day, there is a lot to learn from how they conduct themselves”.

Wintour’s favourite players are Serena Williams whom she is a close friend of and the Swiss legend Roger Federer and she never misses an opportunity to see them play court side and cheer them on.

Anna has caused much controversy while in Melbourne as she voices her personal opinion with both Margaret Court and the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, on their LGBT beliefs.  Anna a longtime LGBT rights campaigner I believe has been warm and gracious with the Australian public and has every right to voice her own views on this subject and possible renaming of Margaret Court Arena.

No one will ever doubt the greatness of Margaret Court who was a world number one, 24 times Grand Slam singles champion.

On a less controversial note Anna will donate two pieces from her Chanel collection to ‘The National Gallery of Victoria’ and eleven lucky emerging Australian Fashion Designers will also have the chance to get up close and personal with the world’s most powerful woman in Fashion media.

Photography Sam Tabone Getty Images https://www.instagram.com/thealistphotographers/

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