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BE In Style for Christmas

The festive season is well and truly here and with that the warmer weather is too. So how do we stay in style and in balance whilst getting through the busy rush of the Christmas mayhem? Firstly you want to be comfortable and have versatile outfits for daywear and effortless chic for evening. Lots of people have to go from daywear into evening quickly given multiple outings and events at this time of the year; some go straight from the office to a gathering.

You want easy, no hassle and low maintenance, there may be little time to wonder aimlessly at your wardrobe trying to find what to wear, with the heat, day wear can come down to easy, light essentials. An A line flowing skirt, maxi dresses, summer dresses and shorts you can dress up with a statement top.

Summer is here so show it as well as feel it. Colour is key, there is nothing more satisfying than splashing colour to emphasise that summer is here, yellow, fuchsia pink, green, blue, and the list goes on. Even prints are great and make an outfit a statement, bold print or as always florals do the trick.

Summer dressing for Christmas Day should be stylish and chic. Christmas is frantic and with busy malls, shopping strips, city traffic and the like you want to feel less restrictive and not have fabrics that are going to make you feel heavy, and too many accessories can also weigh you down. You may start to feel more frustrated than chic, especially if you are navigating through crowds of people doing Christmas shopping, standing in queues, walking a lot and carrying shopping bags.

Christmas Day can feel long and very well may be hot. TIP OFTHE DAY: Bring a spare pair of flat shoes for when your feet begin to hurt, wear flat shoes for lots of shopping and walking!

Ballet flats and wedged shoes are your friends. Comfort is always key, especially if you’re going from one place to another, show your feet some love, its Christmas after all. Ballet flats are versatile; you can pair them with some Capri’s a skirt or maxi pants and make them look chic for every occasion be that day or night.

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie O’ were women of style and paved the way with chic and effortless style, trail blazers they were and we see their style coming back over and over again.

Loose clothing is essential for hot days, shoes are important as feet swell and get sore. I recommend espadrilles and wedges for the festive season, they give you height and some form of elongated sophistication, great for day and night wear. Espadrilles and Wedges go very well with maxi dresses, shorts and capris they are versatile and classic, just what we want at all times this season.   

There are an array of dresses for summer of all colours and styles that go well during this period, many need very little to accentuate from day chic to evening summer glam. Day chic can be accessorized by a nicehat, some bangles and long earrings.

In long uncomfortable summer days your hair most likely is tied back so use this opportunity to make a statement with your outfit and jazz it up with some large and colourful earrings, this will bring your outfit to another level.

Christmas parties and catch up’s you can go chic with just a simple dress, potentially fitted but light in fabric, and style it up with some pumps, a cuff and earrings again. A clutch bag or midsize bag is preferable as you don’t want to be weighed down by carrying a big bag, less is more, the easier you can hold it the better. Summer brings life and liveliness to everyone, your style reflects the mood, the time of the year and how you are feeling.

Christmas parties, particularly more formal ones, the ‘LittleBlack Dress’ is always a winner. There is never a time where you can’t wear a little black dress add some colour into it with your stilettos, bag and earrings. Accessories market the dress be bold with them, they become your feature. 

Don’t get stressed or flustered at Christmas; there are easy ways to stay in style. It’s up to you how you work it. But make sure you do!

With any luck, Santa will arrive with a special gift this Christmas under the tree…..Shoes anyone?

Written by Marisa Ferraro

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