The NGV Gala leaves attendees in awe as Liam Hemsworth and his stunning partner, Gabriella Brooks, made their grand entrance for the opening of NGV’s latest blockbuster exhibition, Triennial 2023!

Every year, the NGV Gala takes Melbourne by storm, becoming the event that every creative soul wants to be a part of. This dazzling soirée, held at the prestigious National Gallery of Victoria, brings together artists, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, creating an atmosphere of excitement and creativity that is simply unmatched.

As the night unfolds, the anticipation builds, and the entrance to the NGV becomes a spectacle in itself. This year, attendees were left in awe as Liam Hemsworth and his stunning partner, Gabriella Brooks, made their grand entrance. It was a moment that left everyone gasping for breath – the Australian-Hollywood heartthrob, known for his roles in blockbusters like The Hunger Games, was here, right in front of their eyes. Liam exuded confidence and charm as he strolled down the blue carpet, clad in a sleek black-tie ensemble. Gabriella, equally mesmerising, captivated everyone with her effortlessly chic Grecian-style strapless dress, complete with a bold and eye-catching golden centrepiece.

Inside the NGV, the air was electric. Australian dance music sensation Sneaky Sound System took the stage, setting the mood for an unforgettable night. The guests, a mix of artists, designers, and fashion icons, revelled in the ambience, sipping on glasses of Moet champagne and mingling amidst the breathtaking artwork of the new exhibition, Triennial 2023 that surrounded them.

But the NGV Gala is not just about the glitz and glamour – it is also an opportunity to celebrate art in all its forms. This year’s event coincided with the opening of the NGV’s latest blockbuster exhibition, Triennial 2023. Showcasing the works of both established and emerging artists, the exhibition promised to take visitors on a journey through innovation, creativity, and thought-provoking concepts. From mesmerising installations to captivating sculptures, the Triennial 2023 left no stone unturned in its quest to push the boundaries of contemporary art.

The NGV Gala has become more than just a social gathering – it is a symbol of Melbourne’s vibrant creative scene. From the stunning blue carpet moments to the awe-inspiring artwork, this event is a testament to the city’s thriving artistic community. It is a night that brings together individuals from all walks of life, united by their love for art, fashion, and the pursuit of creativity.

As the night ended, the NGV Gala left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to attend. It was a night of opulence, inspiration, and above all, a celebration of the power of art. Until next year, when the NGV Gala returns with even more glamour and excitement, Melbourne’s creative souls eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this extraordinary event, and just who will we see walk next year’s blue carpet? You’ll have to attend to find out!

Written by Melinda Sullivan

Photography Toby Sullivan @Justpose_