Brodie Ryan, the woman by the side of the legendary Nathan Buckley, recently shared a glimpse into her fascinating journey from a humble country life to the bustling streets of Melbourne. Growing up in the Mallee, Brodie’s childhood was filled with adventures amidst fields of canola and endless Wheat paddocks. However, her thirst for knowledge and desire to make a difference led her to the vibrant city of Melbourne. 

Now, as a dedicated healthcare professional, Brodie works tirelessly in Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital, specializing in women’s health. Her passion for empowering women and advocating for their well-being is truly inspiring. 

In her candid conversation, Brodie emphasizes the importance of giving back to others, reminding us all, the profound impact small acts of kindness can have on someone’s life. 

Alongside her compassionate spirit, Brodie also possesses an exquisite sense of fashion, effortlessly blending style and sophistication. 

As she speaks of her future plans, it becomes evident that she and Nathan share a vision of making a positive impact on the world. With their unwavering commitment to uplifting others, there’s no doubt that Brodie and Nathan’s journey together will continue to be filled with love, success, and endless possibilities.

 Up Close & Personal with Brodie Ryan (Interview by Melinda Sullivan)

Can you tell us about your background growing up in the country and how it shaped your values and beliefs?

“With my father being a builder and my mother being a chef, we moved around a lot with my parent’s line of work. From the cities of Bendigo and Ballarat to the small country towns of Sea Lake, Hopetown, and Ouyen, I had moved around and changed schools 13 times by the age of 15. 

I think moving around a lot as a child has made me resilient and adaptable, and as a result, makes it easy for me to connect with people and taught be to be humble.

I am so grateful to have grown up in the country, driving cars and motorbikes around farms at the age of 12, ‘spotlighting’ with my mates on a Friday night, camping down the river, getting my hands dirty driving tractors on the farm over harvest, playing netball and basketball in Ouyen and Mildura. 

I love when I get the opportunity to get back to the country to catch up with old friends, slow down a bit and ground myself. In saying that, I have been in Melbourne for 7 years and still get goose bumps driving over the Bolte Bridge and looking at the city. I feel so lucky to live in this amazing city of Melbourne. 

Growing up in the country has shaped me in ways I never imagined. Doing this piece with Melbourne My Style, and reflecting on my journey, has been a strong reminder that no matter where we come from, it’s the love, friendships and opportunities that shape our lives and make it truly extraordinary. 

How did you make the transition from living in the country to working at Epworth Hospital specialising in Women’s Health?

I started my career in the health industry 13 years ago as a Dental Nurse in Mildura working for a large dental group (Tankard Dental) that was privately owned by some great friends of mine. They have an incredibly successful operation, and in being a part of that I was inspired to build operations and systems with private and small cooperate groups. 

The move to Melbourne to focus on my career, and where I wanted to base myself was an easy decision at the time. I secured myself a role, packed up my life and set up a new and exciting one for myself in Melbourne. 

Having acquired sales and health care experience before coming to Melbourne was invaluable in securing some fantastic roles over the years and developing a diverse skill set. It has given me the opportunity to work with some notable and respected healthcare providers in woman’s’ health and ultimately my position in business management.

These healthcare providers are paving the way in endometriosis, robotic surgery, medical education in Hormone Replacement Therapy, Menopause and Peri Menopause. I am inspired daily, in working with my team and proud to be making a difference in woman’s lives.

What drew you to the field of Business Management, and what aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling?

I am so fortunate to have a career that I love. It is a privilege to do what I am passionate about every day. What I find most fulfilling about my job are the opportunities to make a tangible difference in people’s lives and businesses. 

Having started out in dental nursing when I was younger and witnessing the transformative role of healthcare firsthand, I became eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to ensure healthcare organisations could operate efficiently and effectively. 

The idea of optimizing processes and streamlining operations, and ultimately improving patient care resonated deeply with me.

I am very lucky to work with some of Victoria and Australia’s greatest surgeons and doctors, specifically a leading Menopause and HRT Specialist in Dr Fatima Khan. I am very passionate about transforming woman’s lives to ensure their health is not a deciding factor in reaching their full potential and to live a happy and healthy life.

As an advocate for giving and helping others which you mentioned from your childhood, what are some ways you actively contribute to your community or support causes that are important to you?

My mother and grandmother were big advocates for giving back to the community and looking after people whenever the opportunity presented. From singing with my grandmother in church (choir) and performing (singing) all over Victoria, to supporting my mother with her charity Christmas lunches and other events- Community and giving back has always meant so much to me. 

I was also blessed with a beautiful and strong role model in my stepmother. As a psychologist, her passion is to help people become the best version of themselves and ensuring they overcome some of life’s greatest struggles. Her work has always inspired me to strive for greatness in everything in life, and above all else- happiness. These 3 women’s passion and love for supporting people and causes has been a big driver for me and who I am as a person today. I am grateful to have had those values instilled in me.

How has your relationship with Nathan Buckley influenced your perspective on giving and helping others? Are there any joint initiatives or projects that you both engage in together?

Helping others be the best version of themselves and prioritising their mental health and wellbeing and giving back to others is a passion both Nath and I have always shared, and these topics and different initiatives were a big attraction to each other in the beginning of our relationship.

We had similar upbringings and share a lot of the same values. I have always been enthusiastic about helping others where I can, and to have a partner that exercises this same passion every day with his family, friends, and the wider community inspires me. 

Nathan’s relationships through football and media have given him a platform to help others through their hardships and provide perspective as a father, a son, a partner, teammate, a friend, and a leader.

With my years of management and business development in private and corporate sectors and his involvement with keynote speaking opportunities around leadership, relationships and mental health and wellbeing, we both enjoy getting home from work and bouncing ideas off each other and aiding each other where we can in our careers and aspirations for future endeavours.

I am always inspired by my partner and proud of the spaces he works in and will always support him as he does me. He is a beautiful person.

Moving on… I can also see you have a great sense of style with it comes to Fashion. What are your favourite Fashion staples, and do you have any favourite designers or brands that you’re particularly fond of?

I have always loved fashion and prided myself on presenting well. In saying that, I didn’t come from a lot of money growing up and there wasn’t a disposable income to keep up with the latest fashion trends despite my parents working hard to provide for myself and my 8 siblings. 

I have worked hard over the years to live a comfortable life and rewarded myself with my favourite fashion labels and staple pieces, specifically Yves Saint Laurent.

Some of my favourite Australian designers are Leo Lin, Effie Kats and Sass & Bide. I am a big advocate for supporting woman and especially the local ones. Spending my young adult years in Mildura, I am very proud of our local girls Bianca and Bridgett Roccisano and their fashion label and the success they have had with their brands.

What’s your day-to-day sense of style and how do you change it up for an event or an evening out on the town?

I work full time in an office, so my day- to- day would see me in the latest corporate fashion trends and a few of my favourite pairs of heels (heals are an everyday ‘must’ for me).

The team I work with love fashion and the latest trends also, so every day looks like a David Jones Fashion show in our workplace.

Although my day-to-day is quite dressy, I always enjoy sprucing up a bit for a night out or for an event with a beautiful dress from Suboo, Camila & Marc, Kianna, Bec & Bridge and Leo Lin. I am very lucky to have a great little team that help dress me for events with my stylist Bianca Rose and Belinda at Your Secret Closet in Hampton.

How do you maintain a work-life balance while having such a hectic work schedule?

I have always worked full time and my career has always been my focus.

A busy work schedule and networking for business development has been the norm for me, but in the past year I have started to prioritise a work-life balance a little more and spending more time on relationships with family, friends, and my partner but overall prioritising my health and wellbeing. 

I have learnt the importance of stopping and reflecting on how far you have come and where you are currently. Being grateful for all that you have experienced and all the life lessons you have acquired to aid you in your future endeavours. I believe, these reflections are invaluable to ensure a healthy work life balance and to be the best version of yourself.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and dreams for the future?

Simply, to be happy and healthy!

Possibly to get back into a little bit of modelling, singing, hosting/MCing, maybe a possible business venture in the future. 

I have a bit of a background in construction with my Dad being a builder and helping on the build of a couple of residential builds in Mildura- Nath and I are both keen to get back into property at some point.

If all else fails, Nath and I will be gunning for presenter spots on Postcards TV program. 

Interview by Melinda Sullivan – Words by Brodie Ryan

Photography Sam Tabone

Brodie wears accessories by Access Avenue