Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne chats exclusively to Melbourne My Style on her TV Week Logie nomination and her relationship with Designer Jason Grech.

Melbourne Cup winner Michelle Payne is known for her incredible achievements in horse racing and her talent as a media personality. She has been nominated for ‘Most Outstanding Sports Coverage’ at her first-ever Logies ceremony tonight. The Logies, often called the Australian television industry’s night of nights, honours the best in local television.

Michelle Payne, renowned for her skill and determination on the racetrack, has seamlessly transitioned into the world of media. Her nomination for the prestigious Logie Award is a testament to her versatility and natural talent in front of the camera.

On this special occasion, Michelle graces the red carpet in a stunning custom-designed gown by JASONGRECH, a renowned Australian fashion designer based in Melbourne, known for his exquisite creations. The dress perfectly accentuates Michelle’s elegance and confidence, reflecting her remarkable personality.

In an exclusive interview, Michelle shares her deep-rooted friendship with Jason Grech, a relationship that extends far beyond the fashion industry. Their collaboration for the Logies is a celebration of their bond, showcasing their shared passion for excellence and creativity.

As we speak to Michelle, her excitement and enthusiasm for the evening are palpable. She expresses her gratitude for the nomination and the opportunity to represent the horse racing community at such a prestigious event. Michelle also expresses her dedication to continuing her coverage of horse racing in Australia, ensuring that the sport receives the attention and recognition it deserves.

Up Close & Personal with Michelle Payne in Sydney for the 63rd TV WEEK LOGIES

How does it feel to be attending your first-ever Logies?

“It’s incredible. The atmosphere is amazing, it’s so great to be here and nominated for Most outstanding Sports coverage.”

As a Melbourne Cup Winner and the only female to win the Melbourne Cup how does attending the Logies make you feel and what are you most looking forward to tonight?

“I can’t wait to enjoy the whole occasion. I love fashion but mixing amongst people we have long viewed on television in their element will be exciting to watch and be amongst.”

You have collaborated with Melbourne Designer Jason Grech numerous times to make your special event gowns! Please tell us why you love this Melbourne designer and how his pieces make you feel.

“Jason is just incredible; I’ve been lucky enough to get to know him well over the last 7 years and he just keeps exceeding every occasion. I’m so lucky to wear his incredible gowns and dresses and each time I am dressed by him, each one becomes a new favourite. He never ceases to amaze me.”

Please tell us about tonight’s dress and how it feels to be wearing such a bold and beautiful red.

“I love everything about this gown. Nothing is better than putting on a dress and feeling like it feels perfect.”

How important is it to support Australian Designers and showcase them on red carpets?

“It’s always incredibly important to me to support our own and they continue to thrive against all their competition from the overseas market.”

Designer Jason Grech adds, “Michelle and I discussed the colour together and what would work with her skin tone and what we wanted to communicate through Fashion for this red-carpet event. Red is glamorous, sexy, and stylish…. It’s everything incorporated into one colour. Michelle Payne will be known as the lady in red at the Logies.”

What’s next for Michelle Payne? 

“I’m really excited to enjoy my last year in the saddle riding but can’t wait to continue to be a part of the Melbourne Cup coverage for another year and enjoy everything else that comes my way. The victory has given me the opportunity to experience and enjoy so much of not only racing but the world of sports and its coverage.”

Michelle Payne’s presence in the media has been a breath of fresh air, bringing a unique perspective to the world of horse racing. Her ability to articulate the intricacies of the sport, coupled with her personal experiences as a jockey, has resonated with audiences across the nation. Michelle’s nomination for a Logie further solidifies her status as a respected and influential figure in both the racing and media industries.

By Melinda Sullivan

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