Designer Aron Katona presented a diverse showcase of Melbourne fashion labels to a full house at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt.

The Melbourne Fashion Festival ARTZ program at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne was a huge success. Designer Aron Katona presented a diverse showcase of Melbourne fashion labels to a full house. The collection featured bold colours, unique silhouettes, and intricate details that showcased the city’s vibrant fashion scene. The audience was captivated by the creative pieces and applauded the designers’ innovative ideas. After the show, attendees had the chance to meet the designers and get up close and personal over a glass of bubbles. It was an amazing experience for all involved and a great way to celebrate the city’s fashion scene.

Up Close & Personal with ARTZ director and Fashion Designer to the stars ARON KATONA

Please tell us about the new collection.

Aron says, “The new collection is called “Luxor” and is Egyptian-inspired. I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt and the beautiful clothing the ancient Egyptians wore adorned with jewels, beadwork, and gold. I felt excited to incorporate elements of Egypt but was also wary about not making the collection look too costume-like, as I can easily get carried away. All my friends know I can slip into OTT territory at the bat of an eyelid.

How did this collection come about and what inspired you?

It feels like there’s such a renaissance occurring on the fashion scene now. The vibe to me is we have returned to pre-pandemic times (mostly) and I wanted to mirror that by giving a nod to the glamour and opulence of ancient Egypt by incorporating fabrics encrusted with jewels and diamantes. 

How do you go about choosing the fabrications and colours?

Crystals and jewels were super important to me as a fabric choice for this collection to capture a glimmer of the luxury portrayed by ancient Egyptians. I didn’t want an entire collection in sequins because the crystals were a new medium, I had found so much fun to work with and the weight in the materials meant I could play around with drapery and the way they wrap around a woman’s body. 

Even though I knew I had to incorporate elements of gold I’m so excited to showcase a few zebra-printed crystal materials to break the collection up a little. 

What do you love most about the Melbourne Fashion Festival?

I love the call to challenge from creatives. To challenge themselves to push for their best and to try new and improved techniques to put their best foot forward. I love the inclusive direction the festival has moved in and how much they have celebrated diversity and reflected the different cultures that make us all Australian.

Aron’s latest Fashion Artz program was a huge success, showcasing some of his most creative and daring designs. The program featured a range of looks, from classic and elegant eveningwear to bold and daring streetwear. He also presented a range of accessories, including bags, hats, and jewellery. The pieces were carefully curated to create an overall look that was both modern and timeless.

Aron’s Fashion Artz program was praised by fashion critics and industry professionals alike. His creative vision and attention to detail were evident in every piece, and his use of colour, texture, and fabric to create unique looks was highly praised.

Aron’s latest Fashion Artz program is a testament to his talent and dedication to creating beautiful and unique fashion designs, whilst also showcasing the best of Melbourne’s Fashion Industry. He should be congratulated for presenting his best program to date, and for continuing to push the boundaries of fashion.

Written by Melinda Sullivan, words by Aron Katona.

Photography Sam Tabone