Chocolate and the Giving of Indulgent treats this Easter, with Australian Chocolatier Koko Black.

It’s been said that chocolate can improve our cholesterol profile, reduce blood pressure, and improve cognitive function with the powerful antioxidants found in dark chocolate.

This Easter, it’s time to celebrate with our love of Chocolate and the giving of indulgent treats without the guilt. Remember that Easter is a small part of the year where we can give a little guilty pleasure to those that we love and unite our family and social connections.

Superior quality chocolate from an Australian artisan chocolatier, Koko Black has packaged up a selection of gourmet chocolate Hampers that all can enjoy.

Try the *NEWBoozy Bunny Hampers (18+ ONLY), the perfect vessel for a pre-egg hunt caffeine hit.

  • Espresso Martini Boozy Hamper milk OR 54% dark, featuring: Melbourne Martini Espresso Martinis, Koko Littlest Bunnies to sip from and other Koko treats (RRP $99)

In The Roundhouse and Koko Black partnered to launch a limited-edition Easter collection exclusively available via the Koko Black website until sold out.

Priced at RRP $199, the hampers include In The Roundhouse plates, featuring never-before-seen exclusive designs, along with an assortment of contemporary Easter treats from Koko Black. The range is the ultimate addition to elevate your Easter gifting or table spread this year.

A short binge on delicious chocolate this Easter is to be celebrated. Don’t feel guilty enjoying something pleasurable with family and friends. Easter is not an everyday event, it’s once a year after all!

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By Melinda Sullivan