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A change of season is here. Winter wonderland is on its way and there is something nice about the crisp air that is upon us.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year for many reasons. It is the change in mood, season, weather, food, and fashion that make the switch from warm to chilly and is something to celebrate.

 Autumn is where we need to cover up. Pashminas, jackets, throws, and closed shoes begin to make an entrance. Hats and scarves are seen in store windows and you start to see people cover-up and look the part.

Layering becomes the way of dressing for change of season and it doesn’t have to be all black and grey. Colours are still very much around, pastels, neutrals, and even winter whites can be quite magical during winter.

Too bright in winter can be too bold and loud, however softer and simpler tones can really break up the dark colours that make up the winter tones and mood.

Every year I see beautifully curated collections of jumpers, cardigans, coats, and footwear. Investing in new pieces preferably Australian-made and designed always gives me pleasure knowing I’ll have them to enjoy for years to come.

As the leaves turn beautiful hues of Orange and Tangerine and deep Bordeaux, it is what Autumn signifies that can also bring a change in a person, not only about what they wear. It is about releasing, going within, cocooning, and retreating inwards. Getting colder means you stay indoors more. You can clean your thoughts, your feelings, your home, and what it all means for you.

Home cooking also changes as we crave comfort food. Hearty meals like stews, soups, curries, and roasts. For me, Autumn is all about enjoying the entry into a new season in clothing and colours and all that the cold embodies.

Winter fashion has so many positives it doesn’t have to be dark, cold, and mundane! You can most definitely be stylish during the cold and it is lifted by beautiful accessories, colours, and diverse styles.

You can enjoy some hibernation as well as walk-in style when you do go out. Even if you just invest in a new winter coat and a nice pair of boots. It needn’t be boring. It not only stops with your wardrobe and your ‘inner self’ but autumn leading to a winter wonderland is where you can change things up in the home as well.

Warm throws on the sofa and a change in bed linen and duvets, scented candles, and towels can make a difference as your changing the tone and mood of your home to reflect what is in season.

My Top Tips for Autumn/Winter: – Get comfortable with accessorising. Take the monotony of black and grey and use different colours to mix and match. – Re-arrange your closet and put your winter apparel first. You will be needing it for several months to come.

Change your fragrances and your pillows and bed linen. Warmer sheets and blankets, pajamas, and slippers. Create a beautiful environment when you come in from the cold. Who doesn’t want to come home to a warm and inviting house when you have been out in the bitter cold and rain? Enjoy the hibernation…. In style of course.

Written by Marissa Ferraro

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