The Future of Cruelty-Free Leather: Our Alternative uses Pineapple Fibers! -Piñatex Meets Metallics

The Future of Cruelty-Free Leather: Piñatex Meets Metallics 


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Say goodbye to animal-based leather cruel to the animals and the environment alike! Gone are the days when leather fashion could not be vegan. Piñatex is one of the latest innovations which has vegan fashion statement lovers hooked. This exciting cruelty-free leather alternative uses pineapple fibers, which would otherwise be discarded, to create a surprisingly realistic cowhide-like material that is durable and strong. A few years after it first became available, it is now being adopted by more labels looking to make their collections eco-friendly and ethically made.

Piñatex seems to be combining exceptionally with metallics, as a few different brands are choosing to make their statement Piñatex pieces shine. Here are a few of our favourites that are a must!

1. Women’s Neo-Classic Biker Jacket in Gold by Altiir

Thought about taking your classic leather jacket to another level: Gold? That is exactly what the 60’s inspired luxury brand Altiir did. In their metallic collection, you’ll find this stunningly unique style which will bring all eyes to you.

The Piñatex jacket also has a natural cotton lining, which means it is completely plastic-free. Crafted fairly by workers in Italy, it’s quality-made to last and not only more environmentally friendly, but also with zero animal cruelty involved in the process. The Piñatex material is firm but takes shape to your body over time, making it incredibly stylish and extremely comfortable.

2. Tapir Silver by Guru MTP

You do not need stiletto heels to bring attention to your shoes – that’s what these beautiful silver shoes on a small 2cm heel created by Guru MTP are for! The shoes are ethically crafted out of Piñatex leather in a factory in Spain. The Guru MTP collection also includes the same design in gold, if that is your preference – or you’re maybe looking to match the shoes with the leather jacket by Altiir! We love how transparent the brand is about what goes into making their products, specifying everything from the materials involved in their making and their own profit margin.

The brand, based in France, is fully vegan and promotes a more sustainable model of the fashion industry, without the FOMO fashion seasons bring and the promotion of overconsumption through sales. They are fighting leather and plastic alike and only work in European factories.

3. Piñatex range by Kinds of Grace

The Australian vegan handbag label Kinds of Grace is taking the handbag to the next level, with an upcoming collection of metallic bags that are good for the planet and good for the animals. They are the perfect fashion statement you can combine either with something as subtle as a little black dress, or any wild prints you can imagine. “I believe plant-based innovations like this are the future and want to work hard to help make that a reality,” says the founder and designer of the brand, Grace.

The Piñatext collection, launching soon, includes a range of handbags in different shapes and sizes, each more stunning than the other. Additionally, the brand is aligned with charitable causes and donates 20% of its profits from any handbags, not just the upcoming Piñatex range, to animal rights and wildlife preservation charities including PETA or WWF.

It seems that the future of fashion is not only stunning but also ethical and sustainable – sign us up! 

Written by – Lucie Štěpánková