Television personality Samuel Levi has us flirting as he launches, ‘One Figure Beauty by Samuel Levi’.

Radio and Television personality Samuel Levi is known to many, appearing on New Zealand’s Married at First Sight in 2018. Residing now in Australia Levi broadcasts his own radio show ‘Waking up with Samuel Levi’ on Melbourne’s Southern FM. He also gained recognition as the face of Channel V in Sydney, Australia, and presented a fashion-based radio show in New Zealand.

Founder – Samuel Levi

Samuel has graced many Fashion Week runways around the world and at the age of 24 was named New Zealand’s most influential male in fashion during that year. He then went on to launch his first limited edition watch collection. That year he also teamed up with global pop sensation Parson James, leading the highly acclaimed #HoldTight campaign throughout Pride 2017.

Following on from his current success and media attention, Samuel is confident and inspired as he follows his passion and launches Australasia’s newest beauty range, ‘One Figure by Samuel Levi’.


Where did this passion to create a beauty range begin?

Samuel says, “I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion to be exact. It has been something of interest and a big passion of mine growing up, and the industry I become involved in over the past 5-6years has also had an impact on where I am going.

The EYES are always one of the first features I see and notice when meeting someone for the first time, so my goal to create something visually stunning as well as easy and accessible whilst also making sure it is unique and different.”

“I am all about enhancing a person’s true beauty rather than defining it!”

Tell us how the range came about and why these products were chosen?

Samuel says, “Easy-on, easy-off reusable Magnetic Eyelashes using Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner. A lifesaver in today’s world! I always wanted to create a range, and a beauty one to be exact. Not so much the everyday go-to makeup essentials but something different that everyone can afford, relate to, and have some excitement about. I have ladies, and (men) today who have never used MAGNETIC EYELASHES & LINER and get so excited about trying something totally new to them.

I also wanted to create something, that wasn’t used with glue, creates no mess, and is just SIMPLE. We have four unique and stunning looks and variety in the range/collection. Each being named after your inner personality. We have the Poppy, Chloe, Regina, and Cruella Lash.”

The current range is all about enhancing our eyes! Will we see any other products added to the range in the future?

Samuel says, “It certainly is! At this stage, the response has been massive, selling out of some products in the first week of launching. Ideally I will work on new things in the future, but if you have one good and strong thing going, I am going to keep at this, and continue to blossom it, extend the awareness and smash it out with great success.”

One Figure by Samuel Levi will revolutionise your beauty regime with its quick and easy application and being reusable it’s kinder on the environment and your bank balance too!

How easy is it to enhance our eyes with ‘One Figure by Samuel Levi’?

Samuel says, “One word! SIMPLE. If you know how to apply liquid liner, mascara or any other products around the eye then you won’t have any issues applying these. Fun Fact: Even I have tried these on to see how easily one can learn. I nailed it, so I am 100% adamant everyone out there can too.”

“If you’re looking to enhance your beauty within, whether it be a more formal occasion or catching up with friends online, One Figure by Samuel Levi has got you covered.”

The timing of ‘One Figure by Samuel Levi’ couldn’t be more perfect with the current circumstances of Covid 19 and having to stay indoors. I believe the range sold out in the first week of the launch.

Samuel says, “I must say it certainly is! I was always going to launch at this time of year, with the past six months of preplanning, and working on all the behind the scenes stuff. However, ladies, who want to feel glam, and look amazing during these crazy times, have fallen in love with One Figure by Samuel Levi lashes because we do just that. Not only do we do these, but all our Magnetic Lashes, are reusable, and consciously made for our consumers.”

“We sold out in 6 DAYS! I could not believe it. We had 1000’s of orders come in over the space of 72hours, with it continuing today.  For the second week of launch, all orders are being PRE-ORDERED and shipped out as soon as we are back in stock, over the next coming days.”

Who is the range most suited for?

Samuel says, “One Figure by Samuel Levi doesn’t believe in labels or stereotypes characterizing your place in the world. On the contrary, inclusivity and self-expression are at the heart of Australasia’s newest beauty label which is something I am super strong about.”

Is this an easier and more affordable way than going to the beauty salon?

Samuel says, “Hands down a big yes!!! We are affordable, easy, and accessible and anyone can use this. We pride ourselves on being available for everyone. We have an elegant, and classy feel for One Figure Beauty by Samuel Levi, but at a lower price point.”

What’s next for Samuel Levi?

Samuel says, “I wish I knew myself ha-ha! My brain and mind do not stop. Focusing on my beauty brand over the next 6-12months is vital, and not putting my energy anywhere else is the main thing.

I will still be doing all my other commitments outside of my business when I can, but focusing on growing this baby, and being happy with it is my priority. This will be the case, both locally and internationally back home in New Zealand.”

The One Figure by Samuel Levi beauty range is my first flirtation with the predominantly female-driven beauty industry in Australasia, and I absolutely LOVE IT.

Editor in Chief Melinda Sullivan

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