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Valentine’s Day with Andi Lew author of #instalovers

The 14th February ‘Valentine’s Day’ is a day to celebrate love. We traditionally think of Valentine’s Day to be all cupids and arrows, bouquets of red roses, sexy lingerie, giant over the top teddy bears and heavily commercialised, however many now use it as a day to celebrate love for one another for those we admire and close friendships.

The world of romance is constantly evolving and looking for love has changed direction for many with the ‘Digital Age’. Modern dating is now referred to as ‘Digital Dating’ and new rules and new tools are required to get it right. How do we capture someone’s attention initially online?

Andi Lew Australia’s most popular and long standing wellness expert presenter with 25 years’ experience in TV radio and natural health has become fascinated with the digital love age and has recently written her 7th book #instalovers to share the digital dating journey including self-love and a guide to help you swipe in the right direction.

Best Selling Author of #instalovers Andi Lew

Please tell us a little of your background?

“I’m a real life Cupid! My star sign is Cancerian. We are obsessed with love.  I last hosted a dating game show on CH9 called ‘Shopping for Love’ many years ago and a love songs and dedication show on Melbourne radio. I then started writing books about health and wellness as I have certifications as a Food, Lifestyle and I’m a Wellness Coach! I now have 7 books and tour them to America to appear on television shows about wellness and dating”

 How did the book #instalovers come about?

“My fans and readers wanted to learn more about me and my interest in love after presenting the dating show, they remembered the fun of flirting and courting or finding love. I went on to research this subject for the book over the past four years because I observed social culture and noticed how many dating apps there were out there, yet nobody taught us the correct etiquette and many were finding it hard to navigate their way around” 

“I then partnered with Moments Condoms: a vegan brand, because I want you to know that if you’re going to share your sacred space with someone; you should be protected and prepared”

Tell us a little about #instalovers 

“When I first started researching I’d often tell men I was matching with, that I was writing a book and lots laughed and thought it was a brilliant line. I told them it wasn’t a line, it was really true. Some asked to be in the book, a lot really are! There’s also a section with romantic fuelling recipes. I’m all about making yourself well so you can be better for others. There are natural alternatives to breath mints for kissable breath and libido boosting nutrition”

What are the do’s and do not’s when it comes to digital dating?

– know how to block someone from all platforms before you start courting!

– ask for their other social media to ascertain if they’re a fake profile, weirdo or just socially awkward

– turn the text into a phone call or video call to hear tonality and assess compatibility 

– meet up after a week 

– meet in a public place and tell people where you’ll be

– have fun and know your boundaries 

– always leave someone better than you found them. Be kind 

Why do we all have this desire to date online all of a sudden? Do you think it’s easier to engage behind a screen prior to meeting in person?

“It’s just how we now want to connect”

“It’s certainly easier and more convenient. Studies also show that meeting someone on line helps to save a lot of money on the courting process” 

How can we work out who’s really looking for love and who’s just in it for fun?

“Some apps now have settings that allow you to put whether you want a relationship or something casual. If someone is newly single; they’re usually going to have a sign on their forehead saying “newly single and ready to lead you on for the next 2-6 months!”

Why is love important to our health and wellness?

“Our relationships are an important part of our wellbeing. The one we have with our-self is the most important of all”

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

“I’m campaigning for it to be renamed National Singles Awareness Day. We need to celebrate those choosing to be single too. Why should we only celebrate a day for those in partnerships? Being on #teamsingle is ok and can be extremely healthy”

Do you believe in everlasting love and can it be found on Digital Dating?
“Of course! There are a lot of stories in the back of the book with those who found real love and even got married from meeting on dating apps”

Why should we all read #instalovers?

“Start counting your orgasms, not just your calories! It’s important whether you’re partnered up or not, to learn that flirting is healthy”

“Also if you are going to be on an app, you’ll need to learn everything from how to market yourself to how to find self-love, before you put yourself on the market”

Is digital dating and swiping left and right addictive?

“It can be a whole lot of fun and I’ve made some really good friendships out of it, all over the world. Apps help us connect, but how we treat someone on an app shouldn’t be any different to real life scenarios”

“How we present is what we attract”


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