Hammer’s Gym brings ‘Steven Seagal’ for an up close and personal Martial Arts training session

Hammer’s Gym in Melbourne’s Nunawading brings Martial Arts and Hollywood action hero Steven Seagal for an unforgettable up close and personal Martial Arts training session on his very first trip to Australia. The hands on session provided an experience like no other with ‘Seagal’ showcasing his expertise in Japanese Martial Arts, known as ‘Aikido’, which unifies our energy within and brings a harmonious spirit to the way in which the attacker controls their movements.

Steven Seagal – photography by Sam Tabone

Steven Seagal

Seagal was born in Michigan in 1952 and at the age of 17 travelled to Japan to teach English while perfecting his love of Martial Arts, earning black belts in Karate, Judo, Kendo and becoming a 7th Dan in Aikido.

In 1988 Steven Seagal produced and stared in his first action film ‘Above the Law’, followed by ‘Hard to Kill’ in 1989 and 1992’s ‘Under Siege’ has become his most loved and acclaimed film to date. The skilled action Martial Arts expertise has choreographed endless fight scenes over the years with an array of movies under his belt; however little do we know his greatest passion was always his love of music. Seagal an accomplished blues guitarist began playing at the age of 12, his style is modern day blues and has released two studio albums to date, the 1st in 2005, the 2nd in 2006 and a sold- out world tour in 2007.

Hammer’s Gym – Mark ‘The Hammer’ Castagnini

Steven Seagal and Mark Castagnini

Hammer’s Gym in Melbourne’s outer east was founded by Mark ‘The Hammer’ Castagnini who you may know from Fox Sports television show ‘Hammer Time’.  Mark is one of Australia’s most respected Muay Thai kickboxers.

Richard Stubbs gets up close and personal with ‘Seagal’

Hammer’s Gym offers a fully structured and gradable curriculum that has been put together by Mark and is endorsed by the ‘World Muay Thai Council’.

Hammer’s Gym will continue to bring more unique experiences for their Martial Arts enthusiasts with Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, former UFC middleweight champion for a strictly limited training session on February 11th.

On a personal note after being invited along to Seagal’s training session with Helen Reizer from HRPR, I found him to be an incredibly skilled man an expert at his craft. He was so informative with his audience who were left captivated at his Martial Arts techniques. Seagal was softly spoken however engaging, offering to help those with their own practice of the skills required to improve oneself.

Further information https://hammersgym.com.au

Photography Sam Tabone https://www.instagram.com/thealistphotographers/

PR Helen Reizer

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