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Anthony Koutoufides – presents health and wellness with KOUTAFIT

Anthony Koutoufides is a name that every Melbournian would know and a name that is synonymous with Australian Rules Football. Kouta remains one of AFL’s and Carlton’s greatest players of all time.

Kouta debuted at Carlton Football Club in 1992 and played a total of 278 games; he was Captain from 2004-2006 and retired in 2007 after suffering a major hip injury.

Kouta was known for his extreme athleticism and his ability to play in any position on field, standing at 191cm tall and weighing 99kg during his football days it’s easy to see why Anthony is still so passionate about fitness and lifestyle choices.

Today I have great pleasure in discussing Kouta’s most passionate adventure to date and that is ‘KOUTAFIT’ a program that has been designed so that you can train anywhere and at any time of your day or night. ‘KOUTAFIT’ has been designed to be accessible to everyone that isn’t overcomplicated and is about reaching your own personal goals and adapting healthy lifestyle choices that are aimed at making you feel empowered and good about yourself and obviously if you stick to it you will see real results.


You are one of our most loved and recognised AFL players, what drives you to keep fit and healthy? I have to say KOUTA you’re in amazing shape since your retirement!

“I have to say I’ve always been this way, since I was a youngster I was involved in athletics and I played football, even at school I was always focused on fitness. Some kids would focus on other things but for me it was always to be an athlete and eventually I was lucky enough and talented enough to be drafted to the Carlton Football Club, over time I did calendars and was known as ‘The Body’! My main focus these days remains on training and making the time to train is paramount, given I have some injuries it’s important to adapt and exercise  around that, I have a knee injury and had a hip operation three years ago so I have to be careful, for me running on concrete is a no, no”

So Kouta, do you see a regular Physio? “No I don’t, I focus on mobility work and stretching; my shoulders are really bad and are arthritic so I am limited at what I can do with my shoulder work. I find regular massages and myotherapy help me to keep on top of it. I avoid medicating my injuries and prefer to take supplements”

Kouta what motivates you to keep in shape? “I didn’t want to put on weight, I have to admit I’m a little vein about my body, once you let it go it’s harder to get it back so I was determined to stay motivated. Staying in shape for me is also important, as a father I want to be a role model to my children at the moment we have a huge obesity problem, if my children see me motivated and having fun while exercising then they want to join in, keeping my kids active is important rather than being in front of the television or on computer games”

Tell us about your daily routine?

“It changes daily, I work closely with a Personal Trainer and friend of mine Dave Raudam we are a little competitive and he can lift heavier weights than me so I always strive to improve myself and do better. I go to the gym four to five days a week and try to run twice a week but I always make sure I give my body a few rest days as well, I never train twice in a day”

“I believe the rest time is just as important as the training part. I don’t have a set routine at all, once I wake up I like to do some mindset work, listen to some motivational speakers and read. I like to remind myself of my goals and like my program KOUTAFIT it’s about 20% fitness and 80% what we eat, however your mindset MUST be 100%. Your keenness to continue at your goals must always continue if I miss a training session I almost feel guilty”

“I grew up with an Italian mum and we ate, ate and ate, and when I played football after a match we ate, ate and ate. I definitely don’t eat as much as when I was playing now, but I definitely don’t starve myself it’s all about good nutrition. I don’t avoid pasta as this is a part of my upbringing and complexed carbohydrates are important, however have them for lunch and give your body time to burn them off rather than having them for an evening meal”

“With KOUTAFIT it’s all about having a coach that can help guide you with the right choices and educate and support you along the way”

So KOUTA your married with three beautiful children please tell me a little about your family

“I’m married to Susie; we’ve been married 16 years in October and have three kids, Jamie 15, Monique 13 and Lukas 8”

“Our family also has an incredibly healthy lifestyle; however we also enjoy eating out as a family for special occasions but at home we know what’s going into our food and have more control over it. We are all very sporty, I don’t have high expectations of the kids to be extremely good at sport however I do have an expectation that they be fit and healthy and participate in some sports. For my kids to be a part of sport means they learn sportsmanship, competiveness and discipline. My wife also tries to keep herself active even though she has a very busy lifestyle and raising three children”

“I take Jamie my oldest son to the gym with me when we have time and we train together and also enjoy running. Monique my daughter loves athletics and Lukas the youngest loves footy and basketball and hopes to be an AFL player like dad. Lukas is obsessed with football and you will see him alongside me doing weekly footy tipping”

What is KOUTAFIT all about?

“A few years ago I started the KOUTAFIT CLUB and we worked with a small community to train and educate them and discuss the importance of having a positive mindset. Even on dark cloudy wet days it’s still important to be motivated to train. KOUTAFIT is about a community that supports one another, some people don’t have the confidence and support they need to reach their goals which is how KOUTAFIT came about”

“We need to build everyone up and know that we are all one and all have the same abilities to reach our potential and goals. The smiles on people’s faces when they have small incremental improvements to them can be life changing. The group is all about lifting and inspiring one another”

“KOUTAFIT has now been put online to give everyone the comfort and flexibility to do it from their own home; you don’t need the worry and hassle of getting to the gym and travel”

“KOUTAFIT also offers a nutrition and mindset component. We work with a qualified nutritionist and provide a shopping list to provide you with meal plans for every day of the week including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks”

“It’s simple and easy to log on and you’re supported all the way by me and our community, it’s really important to stay focused and disciplined to the program before we start giving ourselves reward days”

“The meal plans can be enjoyed by the whole family and incorporated into creating healthy habits”

“The program is suited to everyone wanting to make a change to improve overall health and fitness and changing our mindset. Jump out of bed 30mins earlier log on, do the training and be part of a community that supports one another”

“My passion is KOUTAFIT and I’m here to help you on your way with community support and also with me personally”










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